Monday, July 26, 2010

Internet Dead Zone

This is commentary on how the summer seems to have put a lot of blogs, including ours, to a stand-still. I hope all our readers (...and writers) come back after summer's over!

Friday, July 2, 2010


I've been taking up blogging duties recently while my sisters have decided they're taking a summer break apparently. I decided to take revenge.

And ohhhh, it was a sweet.

Oh Yeah, I'm an Artist...

Hello, all my lovely fans! aka Hello, world!!!!

Kidding, kidding.

So this summer I have two internships. I think I already mentioned this. And I've been doing a whole lot of work. Well, I've been slacking and haven't posted any of my work up lately. Sorry, guys.

Below is a promo I did for a band. It's for a show tomorrow actually. I illustrated it and everything.

It's to be used on the web. It was not printed.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mac Mini Mania

I am a PC.
(Scratch that.)
I was a PC.

Back in the day, I was strictly PC. What was this new apple thing people were always talkin' about? I liked my comfortable Dell and all its familiar things like toolbars and start buttons.

But as a student graphic designer, I began to go to the school computer labs a lot and was forced to work with Macs. I was a little frustrated. Where's the start button?! What's Garage Band?! What the hells is up with this dashboard crap?! But as I got to sophomore year, I got used to it. I got used to the speed. Used to the amazing applications that come with it for free. Used to the built in antivirus that actually works.

I was getting tired of my stupid Dell laptop. But Macs are so expensivo!!(I meant to put that "o" there because I like to pretend I know other languages) My boss told me if I wanted to get a Mac so badly, I should just get a Mac Mini on Craiglist for like $300.

It was like the word of God.

So I got one! I went to this creepy doctor's house and bought his Mac Mini for $340! It has a dual processor, 2 gb of ram, and already has a built in DVD burner! What a deal! I mean it's not the most impressive piece of machinery, but for $340 that's great. It was worth the possibility of bloody doctor murder!

My boss has tons of Mac Minis, because they're fairly cheap (half the price of a Mac laptop) and they can do whatever you want. He uses one to watch movies on, one to control the music in his office, one as a server, and one just to design on.

As you can see in the picture above, you really can use it for anything!

I was playing with mine all day today. There's all these awesome widgets you can download for free online. You can have a widget that's just a monster dancing. That's it. C'mon! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

PS. That picture's a joke. Just in case any weirdos out there thought it was real. Hehe.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Bloody Anniversary

Me and my Petey Bear celebrated our anniversary this past weekend. It was great. He made me this terrible chicken curry dish and we traded gifts. We ended up vegging the whole weekend and rented a few movies.

First, I chose this random movie that was just released on DVD. It's called The Road and stars Viggo Mortenson. I scanned the synopsis and it was an apocalypse movie. Me and Peter love those kinds of movies so we grabbed it and put it on. Oh dear. It was pretty good. But it included terrible things like suicide, death, rape, cannibalism.... very depressing. Hm, not a great anniversary movie...

Next, I put The Box on. I always wanted to see the movie since I've seen the trailer. It was so mysterious! Well...that was the weirdest friggin' movie I've seen since Space Odyssey 2001! I still have no words to describe it. But again, it had things like suicide and death! Bah! Can we not escape it?!

After that, Peter wanted to watch Law Abiding Citizen because his friends kept telling him how good it was. Sigh.. Once again, it was good, but there was so much death and rape!! Why oh why!

All our movie choices were so terrible it was laughable!

On the bright side, at least it's a weekend we'll never forget. Literally, those movies were haunting...