Friday, January 30, 2009

Veronica Mars (Complete Series)

I just finished watching all three seasons of Veronica Mars. It was probably people like me who got the show canceled. I should have tuned in when I had the chance. But alas, I can't change the past. However, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the three seasons straight through, and when I mean "straight through," I mean often times 5 to 7 episodes at a time. Yes, I was pretty obsessed. But for good reason.

VM is such a great show with witty dialogue and plots that just suck you in. I am still trying to convince Laura to watch. Laura, please watch!

I love each character and actor on VM, and like me, I bet you are wondering where they are now.
-Kristin Bell (Veronica Mars): After playing Veronica Mars, she went on to play Elle on Heroes--the electricity girl.
-Jason Dohring (Logan): He played a vampire on the short-lived Moon
light after Veronica Mars
-Chris Lowell (Piz): He is eye-candy for the hot doctors of Private Practice.
-Francis Capra (Weevil): He joined Kristin Bell on Heroes for a couple episodes as one of the villains who has a powerful voice. See the picture on the right--awesome, isn't it?

Big News on the VM front: I heard that there may be a Veronica Mars movie. Rob Thomas, the show's creator, confirmed this month that it's a go. All VM fans rejoice. Although we prefer the show come back, a movie will do.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

If you love Joss Whedon and musicals like me, then you are going to love Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Neil Patrick Harris stars as Dr. Horrible who is a super-villain in the making. Captain Hammer who is played by none other than Nathan Fillion (Go watch Firefly. Another Joss Whedon creation.) is the not-so-good hero and Dr. Horrible's arch-nemesis. The songs are amazing and reminds me of the Buffy musical. NPH has the sweetest voice ever. Hubba, hubba. You can still catch it for free on It comes in three Acts. Go watch it now. Download the songs and sing-along with me.

Below are some funny quotes:

Penny: [discussing Captain Hammer] He's a really good-looking guy and I thought he was kinda cheesy at first...
Dr. Horrible: [under his breath] Trust your instincts.

Dr. Horrible: I want to be an achiever... like Bad Horse.
Penny: The thoroughbred of sin?!
Horrible: I meant... Gandhi.

Dr. Horrible: Oh! Goodness! Look at my wrist, gotta go!

Dr. Horrible: What a crazy random happenstance.