Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Case of Mistaken Identity

For my photography assignment, I had to take pictures of my subjects in different lighting.  Because the kids were in the bath and I was quickly losing daylight, I forced Tina to be my subject.  She was so cooperative. And I didn't even have to threaten her or anything.  I presented my pictures to my class this week and was wondering if people would think that I was taking pictures of myself.  Haha.  But no one said anything.
At the end of class, this woman came up to me and asked me who it was in my photos.  I quickly responded, "my twin sister."  It turns out that she is Tina's neighbor and thought I was Tina the whole time.  She said she kept staring at me, wondering why I never said anything to her and then thinking that she was being rude for not saying hi to me.  She only figured out something was up because of those pictures.  It was probably a "light bulb" moment for her.  Hilarity. 
This isn't the first time that has happened.  It's usually acquaintances that mix us up.  Most of the time they don't even know we have a twin.  So you see how this could happen.
Once my classmate from law school saw Tina and her family in a restaurant.  Tina of course was totally ignoring her but did notice that some woman was staring at her.  Finally, my classmate went up to her, calling her by my name.  My classmate was so confused.  She told me later that she didn't think I had kids but was so sure that it was me.
Tina had a friend from high school who I knew about but never really spoke to.  Years later, I ran into her at a store, and she thought I was Tina.  I don't know what came over me, but I played along!  Hahaha!  I guess I didn't see a point to correcting her.  I'm such a weirdo.
I can't help being amused by these incidents.  But I've also been in situations where someone's pissed off at me because Tina totally ignored them.  But but but...that wasn't me!!
You know what.  I should totally take advantage of this.  If I want to avoid someone, I can just pretend I'm Tina.  I wonder if that would work...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Imma B

I love that new Black Eyed Peas song called "Imma Be."  I was singing it the other day, singing "Imma be, imma be, imma imma imma be."  Then Huz responded, "Urra be!"  What??  I thought he totally called me a bitch.  But I realized later that he was just calling me a specifically a honey bee.  Haha.  He is so misunderstood.  I totally am a B!  This is how my rap would go.  You have to imagine me rapping.  It isn't a pretty sight.  Ready?  You can sing along here.

Check it check it.  Uh.  Yeah.  (This is me getting ready to rap.  It's standard stuff.)

Imma B, imma B, imma imma imma B
Imma B, imma B, imma imma imma B
Imma B, imma B, imma imma imma B
Imma B B B B imma imma B
Imma B B B B imma imma B
Imma B B B B imma imma B

Imma B on another level
Imma B who's rockin' it out like the devil
Imma B even to Huz, my sisters and crew
Imma B you can't change so whatcha gonna do (hah)
Imma B pissin' off all them chicks
Breakin' relationships, and imma B
throwing my drinks cause
Imma B who don't take sips
I don't need any friendships
Imma B takin them pics
You better look fly and shit
Imma B, the flyest chick (so fly)
Imma B even to kings
Imma B who blogs and sings (do it do it - okayy)

Imma imma swing it this way, (imma imma) imma imma swing it that way
This is T to the Three, and imma (imma) be here to stay
21 century until infinity

Huz Reads This Blog

I don't know if that is a good thing or not.

When I first started this blog with Tina and Laura, I would demand that Huz read it.  It felt nice to have one reader.  So sue me.  Soon he called it homework.  Or was that me?  Haha.  Lately, I haven't really been pressing him to keep up with the blog  

Out of nowhere, yesterday he told me he was caught up on the blog and read this post.  After that, he said nanners any chance he got.

"What should I eat for breakfast?  Nanners?"  *snicker*

"Tara, we have to buy more nanners."  *giggle*

"Something about nanners.  NANNERS!"  *smirk*

That last one didn't even make any sense!!

Then today he announced that he was just going to say nanners randomly for no reason at all.  He is one evil sonofabitch!

He does this all the time!  He would learn about something that annoys me.  And then he would go out of his way to do just that.  Ahhh!  I could kill him if he wasn't so damn adorable.  He just loves to annoy me!  Haha!  He's all smug about it too.

Once I told Huz how I hated when I get really involved in the movie I'm watching, and someone tells me, "It's just a movie."  After that, without fail, Huz never misses an opportunity to say that!  He never forgets. You could almost call it a talent. He's just so good at being annoying.  Haha!  He really works at it, ya know.  I have to give him that.

P.S. The urban dictionary defines "nanners" as "an awesome way of saying banana."  Ha!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Anyone Can Cook!

Chef Gusteau here sits on the windowsill in my kitchen.  When I'm at home cooking, he inspires me.  He reminds me, "Anyone can cook!"

But sometimes he gives me lip!
But he still does it with a smile.  The beautiful bastard.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Avatar "Blues"

This post is the first post of my new weekly feature on what's in the news.  There's a whole world outside of this blog that I never talk about.  I am learning new things every day.  So I thought I'd share.  And give my appropriately witty or funny comments on the topic.

I fell in love with the movie Avatar and would have recommended it to anyone in a heart beat.  But now I'm not so sure because I don't want to make anybody depressed.  I read a news article recently about post-Avatar depression (and for the life of me cannot find it).  I found this older article instead.  Apparently, after watching Avatar, people became depressed that Pandora and the Na'vi aren't real and that they can't really visit Pandora.  I was drawn to James Cameron's beautiful, utopian world and was a little sad that I lived in this sucky one instead.  But the feeling quickly passed for me.  However, not everyone was so lucky.  Some people are so depressed that they are even suicidal.  There are forums out there for people experiencing post-Avatar depression.
(Like my picture?  It's Na'vi Tara.  Haha!)
Crazy as it sounds, I think I get it.  Movies nowadays are so realistic (and often go beyond the realm of reality) and can suck you into that fantasy.  I mean, don't we go to the movies to escape in a way?  That's why my favorite books are filled with fantasy and magic.  It's my escape.  In the same vein, it's understandable that some people don't know how to get back to reality.
I said that our world was sucky, but I don't really mean it.  I think people lose sight of what's good in this world and dwell on the bad.  But I am forever the optimist.  Sure, we don't run half-naked and barefoot in the forests, have the tree of souls, and ride on giant flying creatures.  But there's still a lot to appreciate in the world they do live.  Hopefully, those suffering from post-Avatar depression will see the light.
P.S. On a totally unrelated note, my hair was butchered today!  I am very unhappy with my haircut.  I usually have pretty sideswept bangs.  But the hair dresser chopped them off.  Now they are about half an inch above my eyebrows and totally uneven. Not only that, the rest of the cut isn't much better.  I look hideous and am tramatized!  I'm going to go put on hat and cry now.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Laura's Creative Writing Homework

I usually write my poems with endstop, meaning each line would end in a natural grammatical part of the sentence. I never really experimented with enjambment, so I tried to do that more in this assignment.

We had to write a prose or poem in which something changes fundamentally at least once. Not just at the level of the content but with writing strategy. Here is my poem:

I don't want to lie. This poem has no literal or abstract meaning. I just made it up out of no where. There is no wall. I feel like people always try to look for meaning in things, especially poetry, because they need it to make sense. Well, do what you will with it. I hope you enjoyed. :]

On the Move

I absolutely love photography, especially now that I am taking classes.  I've been taking pictures since I was in grade school.  I was the girl who had a camera on me at all times.  (Though not in a fanny pack although that would have rocked!)  I was there to capture every moment...whether people liked it or not.
Now with this photography class, I see so much more possibilities.  And it excites me.  I can do something creative and now have an outlet for my artist side.  I do have one, ya know!  People may not see it often, but I believe it's there. It's also something outside of my mundane, everyday life at my job where I sit in front of a computer and don't venture out much.
I especially like my photography assignments.  It's sometimes hard to find time to do it, but it forces me to make time.  There's really no excuse not to go outside and take some damn pictures. 
This week, I had to play around with the shutter speed to either stop or capture movement.  I wanted to change it up and shoot a different subject, not that Huz is not a cutie pie.  I really wanted to take pictures of the girls.  Pictures of kids always get ooohhs and ahhhs.  And Tina's kids are friggin' adorable.  I only had one day to do it, and by the time I got to Tina's house, I didn't have enough light to complete the assignment.  But I did get one good picture of Carmen riding her bike.  I got this great effect by panning, which requires a slow shutter speed and following Carmen with my camera while she is in motion.
To complete my assignment, I forced Huz to be my subject again.  I shot him rollerblading on a warm, sunny day.  He had to rollerblade over the same spot like 15 times.  At the end of it, he was a bit sweaty and annoyed.  But all in all, he was a great sport.  In this picture, I was able to capture his movement with a fast shutter speed.  Oh, and he is holding a hockey stick because he didn't want to look like he was just rollerskating.  (He totally was.)
You like?

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Absence from the Blogosphere

I feel like I owe you an explanation. You may or may not have noticed that I have been absent recently. I have been shirking my blogging duties. My posts on this blog and comments on your blogs have been scarce. Laura has even been picking up the slack (which almost made me die of shock. Haha.) I just want to say it's not you, it's me. I have been kinda preoccupied this past week. I get like this once in a while, and I hope you can forgive me.

I got two letters for you, T and V. Haha. Yes, it's nothing serious. But it has put my ass on the couch all week. I've missed the couple days of nice weather. I've been sleep deprived because I can't shut the damn TV off. And most importantly, I've been ignoring people, including my bloggie friends. =/

More specifically, I am talking about Ugly Betty on DVD. I have been watching episode after episode every waking minute I had. The last time I was like this was over a year ago when I watched Veronica Mars. These TV on DVDs are evil. You just can't stop watching them. They are addictive especially in this case when the show is soooo friggin' good. I totally recommend it if you are looking for a new show.

Ugly Betty is a fun, quirky show about an "ugly" girl who finds herself in the fashion magazine biz where everyone is skinny, beautiful, and, of course, fashionable. The show is inspired by Telemundo, so some plots are really over the top. The "bad guys" and their evil schemes are often far-fetched. But I like it. It's supposed to be outrageous.

The best thing about Ugly Betty are the characters and the actors who play them. Each one is unique and adds something to the show. Of course, Betty played by America Ferrerra is awesome. But you also have Daniel Mead, the Editor-in-Chief of Mode Magazine, who, at first, seemed like a sleazy playboy but turned out to be a great boss and friend to Betty. You also have the duo Amanda and Marc who get their kicks from making fun of Betty's clothes, weight, and eating habits. But then they slowly learn to look past all that to appreciate Betty. It's wonderful to watch.

Okay, I have to confess that it's the love stuff that really sucked me in. I'm such a sucker for romance. It has everything I want in a TV series--first love, love triangles, and heartache (you can't have love without pain). It's gushy and mushy and yucky. It's awesome! Betty falls in love. I fall in love. Betty's conflicted. I'm conflicted. I'm right there with her.

Anyway, that's where I've been for the past couple weeks. I already finished watching all the DVDs, so back to my regularly scheduled programs!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Perfect Girls' Day

We continued Laura's Birthday celebration last Saturday. (I realize this post is super late. Sorry!) Isn't she a lucky little girl? For the past two weeks, she was off gallivanting with friends and finally had time for her sisters. We three usually do a shopping/dinner/movie day for our birthdays. But this time, Laura really wanted to do something with our nieces because she missed them. So I planned a day o' fun for us five girls, which involved arts and crafts and fondue. I know, what a combination!

Our first activity was making chocolate molded candies, which we had never done before. I bought two molds, one birthday-themed and the other under-the-sea, and sticks to make lollipops. We also had white chocolate, food coloring, and paint brushes. We really went all out. We melted the chocolates, filled the molds, and waited for them to set. Then I melted the white chocolate to make chocolate paint. Everything was very time sensitive because the chocolate hardens fairly quickly. Our first batch was kinda a clumpy mess. But we got the hang of it the second time. Carmen and Rachel did such a good job with theirs. It was a lot of work but really fun. The kids had a blast. If I was smart, there would be tons of photos showing how much fun we had. Alas, I suck and didn't take many pictures. That's why I'm not a photoblogger. =p

I knew I wanted to make chocolate molds but wasn't sure what else we were going to do for the arts and crafts portion of our day. At Michael's, I saw these mosaic tiles made of cement and colored stones and was inspired. However, instead of using stones, we used sequins and made shiny colorful art. Haha. It was a great idea, and we all came up with our own ways of using the sequins. I think they turned out pretty good. Check us out!

Tara's Random Little Girl

Laura's Dude and Robot (Tina called the robot R2D2. What a noob!)
Tina's Rainbow Fish

Notice I am only displaying the adults' artwork. I didn't take any pictures of the kids' stuff. I was so proud of what we did that I totally forgot. Haha! If you didn't already know, we really get into the arts and crafts projects that we do with the girls. Sometimes we have more fun than they do, often to their chagrin.

Anyway, later that night, we had chocolate fondue. It was definitely a chocolate-filled day. But it was yummy! Our dippers were bananas, strawberries, rice krispy treats, brownies, raspberries, and marshmallows. It was soooo good. After our tummies were filled and after the kids went to bed, we capped off our night with a rousing game of monopoly, a 3 Sisters favorite. We talked and laughed, and I kicked their asses!! Booyah!

It really was a perfect girls' day. It didn't matter that it was raining and dreary outside. We didn't even notice.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Love/Hate Relationship with Coffee

Just like any ol' Joe off the block, I love coffee. It tastes delicious! It's warm, soothing aroma and its creamy, just-want-to-lick-your-mug taste gets me down to the bottom of my soul. Mm-mm!

But a few months ago, I've been connecting a couple dots that I never connected before. Once in a while, I'll have trouble sleeping. One time, after a day over Tina's house, I couldn't sleep until 6am. I was wide awake for hours in my bed. It was like torture! Since I had so long to think about things, I began to wonder why I couldn't sleep. Alas! The answer hit me like a ton of bricks. I had one of Tina's huge, but wonderful, cups of Cafe Du Monde coffee that day like I usually do when I go over! It all made sense!

Gawn darn it! Now I notice that even when I drink a cup of tea at 3pm, I have a bit of trouble falling asleep at 3am! Oh, the horror!

Well, all you readers should scroll down to the time right now. What time do you see? It's almost 6am (Idk why it says 5:30). Yep, it's happened, folks. The Caffeine Villain has struck again.

Tonight, I was participating in a 24-hour play competition at my college. They take writers, directors, and actors for the show. I signed up as a writer. At 8pm yesterday, all writers had to meet in the library basement of our school. It was there that we were told the theme of our play. From 8pm we were to begin the writing process until 4am. All night, they periodically threw a twist that we were to incorporate into our play. For the rest of the time, our plays are to be handed to directors so that the plays could be put on for the public at 8pm today on the dot, 24 hours later.

It was so much fun! But I kinda got overzealous and drank one cup of joe at 8pm and another at 12am... Why, oh, why Laura, did you do such a thing?

At 4:20am, I laid down for an hour in the dark, completely wide awake, and decided to give in and blog about my sorrows since I have nothing better to do until the caffeine wears off.... Sigh, the woe that is me :(

Update: I did not fall asleep until about 8:20am this morning and woke up around 10:45am. I'm feeling okay, not too tired! :) I didn't want to sleep too long anyway, so my sleep schedule won't get all wonky.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Picture This!

So I did! I signed up for photography classes. I actually followed through on something. And picked up a hobby. Yay for me!

Classes already started and are going well. They are held at a local high school one evening a week. These two men in their 50/60s teach the class and both have an obsession with photography. The one guy carries a camera in his fanny pack at all times. Haha. It's so he never misses a chance to capture something beautiful. They both get excited talking about photography. And are getting me excited.

We get assignments every week. This week, we had to play around with the aperture and capture depth of field. For my assignment, I shot Huz standing 30 feet from a creek. With the widest aperture, the creek was blurred, so it looked like it was far away. It was a neat effect. Anyway, my teachers said my photos turned out well. =)

Here are some examples of a narrow depth of field:

Neat, right?

P.S. I have to tell you about this one woman in my class. She is a classic know-it-all. And she does this really annoying thing that drives me f**king crazy. Every time the teachers say something, she'd respond with an "uh-huh." Mind you, there are thirty other people in this class, so they aren't talking to only her. So every minute or so, I'd hear "uh-huh." OMG! It is so annoying.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nicolas Cage's Mid-Life Crisis

Yep, you heard what I said. The actor used to make pretty good movies like Family Man, Matchstick Men, and Lord of War. Now where is he? He's grown his hair out, has suave lady's man skills, and can predict the future. It's official. Nicholas Cage is having a mid-life crisis, people! But no need to panic. I'm sure it'll pass eventually.. I hope.

It started with National Treasurer. We all generally liked the movie. It was funny and fast-paced, not really his normal stuff, but it wasn't so bad. He won over a pretty woman in the end that wasn't too far off his age range. But sadly, it didn't end there. The events to come are horrifying to say the least.

So what wonderfully action-packed, edge-of-your-seat films has he made lately, you ask? Let's see.. there's been:

Ghost Rider (2007)
Eva Mendez?!?!? 'Nuff said.

Next (2007)
He can see 2 minutes into the future and gets Jessica Biel for Christ's sake!
Bangkok Dangerous (2008)
I haven't even seen this movie but I think he steals cars and shoots people. Knowing (2009)
I actually watched this for some reason... Don't. The ending made me want to gouge my eyes out so I could stop seeing.
The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010)

That's it! I can't take this! Look at his hair! I mean, look at it! And he has a friggin' goatee! Not to mention his magical powers! Bah!

So I think it's pretty safe to say that my theory is pretty accurate. What happened to the deep, indie films he used to make like Adaptation or Weather Man? What happened to switching faces with John Travolta or creeping on mortal Meg Ryan?

Just face it Mr.Cage. Not to be mean, but look into the mirror! You're 45, you have a receding hair line, and you're average looking! Now, will you take the duster jacket off, put the gun down, and stop pretending you know magic! We loved you when you acted your age.

Friday, March 12, 2010

About the Baby

This post is in recognition of Laura's birth month. Okay, I should have posted this on her actual Birthday, which had already passed, but I only just thought of it! =p

Laura is about 12 years younger than Tina and me. 12 friggin' years. That's a long gap. Her entrance into our lives was surprising to say the least. It changed everything. For the longest time, it was just the three of us--Tina, our brother, and me. Then suddenly we had to deal with a little baby girl who cried and pooped a lot.

Well, we mostly thought she was adorable. I have fond memories of her when she was little, which I could share. But instead I'm going to share baby Laura's weird habits. This way is much more fun!

For instance, Laura really liked to eat orange peels. We have no idea where she got it from. She would sometimes cry because it was too bitter. But then continue eating them anyway. Very strange.

She discovered the word "banana" but couldn't pronounce it correctly. Instead, she said "duh-nana." She seemed to like the word a lot because she called everything "duh-nana," including her milk bottle and teddy bear. Sometimes, we didn't know what the heck she wanted. She'd just keep saying "duh-nana" repeatedly until we somehow figured it out or she started crying.

She was a really slobbery little girl. And I mean saliva all over her chin, neck, and shirt. We made her wear a bib at all times whether she was eating or not. We didn't think much of it and assumed all babies were like that. Tina only figured out that wasn't the case when she had Carmen who was a perfectly dry, non-slobbery baby.

Laura's favorite movies were Jurassic Park and Terminator 2...when she was 5. She watched them over and over and over again.

She was also the worst medicine taker ever! She absolutely hated it. My mom would have to hold her down and literally force it down her throat. She'd cry and cry. But would abruptly stop when we gave her ice cubes. She liked chewing on them.

Despite her weird tendencies, we loved that little girl to pieces. You can be sure that we all spoiled her and gave her lots of attention. Luckily she turned out okay.

Love you, poo head.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Say Nanners, and I Will Cut You.

Like most people, as I get older, my taste and preferences change. I like things I used to hate and vice versa. It's most notable in the foods I eat. When I was little, nothing was ever too sweet. Now I can't handle that much sugar at once. In my twenties, I thought the spicier the better. Now I can no longer take that much heat. Come to think of it...maybe at my old age, bland means better. Haha. No!!

Well, recently, I developed love for a food that I absolutely disliked even until last year. Bananas. I know! Was I insane? Bananas are so delicious, but they used to make me want to vomit. Now I have to have bananas at my house at all times. Yum.

Here are some others food items that I now love:

Water - I know, weird. But I used to hate the taste of water. I didn't grow up with water bottles, ya know. I only drank soda and juice. So water was disgusting to me. Now I can't live without it.

Diet soda - For the longest time, I refused to drink diet soda. If I was going to drink soda, I wanted real sugar damnit. Yet another one of my weird aversions. Now I prefer diet because you get the great taste without the guilt.

Yogurt - I thought yogurt was yucky. I didn't like the texture and the sourness. But now, yogurt is great and good for me. Yay for yogurt.

Avocados - I can't tell you how much I love avocados and quacamole now. But it wasn't always the case. I thought they tasted weird. But now I have opened my eyes!

Beer - For the longest time, I couldn't drink beer. Yes, I was one of those. But during law school, when I didn't have much money, I had to go cheap and buy beer. Now I can drink a whole mess of beer without gagging. I still prefer wine and cocktails. But now I can proudly say that I drink beer, baby!

Vanilla ice cream - I never used to eat plain vanilla ice cream because it was booorrring! But now I appreciate the classic-ness of vanilla. It's good stuff.

Okay, so this list is further evidence that I was a big big weirdo. Keyword is "was." Am I right? Right? No? No. What foods do you love now but used to absolutely hate because it made you want to vomit? Tell me!

P.S. I hate when people say nanners instead of bananas. I don't know why. Maybe it's the way people say it. I don't know. Anyway, Huz totally said nanners the other day, and I tried to make him stop. But he won't!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Do These Go with My Wrinkles?

In recent years, I find myself at fashion crossroads. I wouldn't say I am the most daring when it comes to fashion. But I certainly like to try new things and keep up with the trends. However, at 31, some trends are unfortunately just too young for me (or too old for me, but that is separate topic). Most of the time, it doesn't bother me. However, sometimes, I'll come across a cute shirt or dress and have to walk away...and if I don't, Laura and Tina would make me. =(

So I envy young people who get to wear that cute shirt or dress that I can't wear. Dangit! I look back at when I was a teenager, living in a time when baggy clothes, body suits, and chunky shoes were in. Nowadays, clothes are more colorful, flirty, and fitted, a complete turnaround. Clothes are so much more fun than they used to be. Too bad I'm too old to join in the fun.

Below are a list of things I would totally wear if I were younger:

Bright Plaid
Colored Leggings
Funky Rain Boots
Cut Off Gloves
Chunky Cocktail Rings

I know what you are thinking--I should just try them. But I'm chicken sh*t! Are there any trends out there that you like and wish you can pull off? If so, we should try them together!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Stranger Danger

There are so many wackos in the world. You can never be too cautious. Growing up, I didn't live in the best part of town. So my siblings and I stayed indoors a lot. We never ever spoke to strangers. We were never allowed in neighbors' homes. We stayed within a two-block radius of our house, which only included the library, the corner deli, and the train station. So I learned to be careful. To watch for suspicious people. To avoid dangerous situations.

Of course, I realize that makes me cynical too. I know it doesn't always make sense. I could be in the safest neighborhood, and I still won't walk through it by myself. After moving in the suburbs, I try not to think of everyone as a criminal or a crazy person. I try to let my guard down a little, so people don't think I'm the crazy person.

This morning, I was pulling out of my street, and this older gentlemen was crossing the intersection right in front of me. He saw me, and it looked like he had a question or something. I thought maybe he needed directions. He walked toward my window. I opened it, and now I realize perhaps a little too wide. Anyway, he asked me for a ride up the street. I wasn't prepared for that question. I was willing to answer a question, not let a total stranger into my car. He showed me his ID to demonstrate that he did in fact live in the area and wasn't, in his words, "a crazy person."

After looking at his ID, I wouldn't say I felt safer. I mean he could still be a crazy person but just happen to live near me. But I felt like I couldn't refuse. I didn't want to be mean, I guess. He seemed harmless enough. So he hopped in. He was friendly during the two-minute car ride. But the whole time, I was trying to watch the road while watching him. To make sure he didn't pull out some sort of weapon or try anything. That's how my mind works.

If he did try something, I don't know what I would have done. Probably karate chop his ass. Really. I don't know.

The ride was over in no time. Afterward, I couldn't help asking myself if it was worth the risk. If that was one of the stupidest things I could have done. I could have just refused and went on my way.

In the end, nothing happened. The world didn't end. I am sitting here safe. But I can't shake that feeling of what if.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gargamel, Zack Morris, and Gummiberry Juice

When Tina and I were young, our dad was super strict. He wanted us to be studying at any given moment. In actuality, Tina, my little brother, and I (Laura wasn't born yet) would be hiding out in our room, talking and playing...and doing anything but studying. Of course, we had our textbooks in front of us, just in case our dad decided to check up on us. We thought we were so sneaky. But as I got older, I realized our dad was not as oblivious as we thought. He would loudly come up the stairs to give us a chance to get our act together. However, that is not to say he never barged in on us scaring us half to death. Haha! So he knew but let us think we got away with it sometimes. He was pretty awesome. =)

Anyway, he only allowed us to watch a half hour of TV on a school night. It was pretty much torture, but we learned to deal with it. We had to pick our favorite show for the week that we just couldn't miss. That was friggin' hard. But somehow we were able to make these important decisions. Haha. It wasn't too bad. We got to watch the entire TGIF lineup and watch several hours on the weekend.

Huz and I were talking about TV shows we used to watch when we were little, which got me thinking about this. It's fun reminiscing about old TV shows and stuff like that because it takes me back to simpler times. Ah...

Here is a list of my favorite TV shows when I was little:

Gummy Bears - Without fail, every time someone mentions this show even now, everyone would start singing the theme song. Gummy Bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere. High adventures that's beyond compare. They are the Gummy Bears. It's like we are all joined together by this show. Forget "We Are the World." Haha. Huz reminded me that Gummy Bears bounce after drinking gummiberry juice, but humans become superhuman after drinking it. I totes forgot that!

Different Strokes - "Whatchu talkin' about, Willis?" How can you not love that?

Quantum Leap - On occasion, my dad let us watch an hour of TV. And it is usually when we are begging him to let us watch Quantum Leap. Dr. Sam Beckett just keeps on leaping hoping that his next leap would be the leap home. Awwww...

Saved by the Bell - I unabashedly love this show...even to this day. I like to watch it at 7am when I travel out west. Haha. Zack is sooooo dreamy. I love his acid wash jeans, high top white sneakers, and giant cell phone.

Gilligan's Island - I have watched every episode. I couldn't get enough of it. Every time it seemed like they may get off the island, I still kept thinking it may just happen this time.

Full House - "Whoa, Baby." "How Rude." "My...lanta." I actually used these phrases! I was sooo friggin' cool. Right? Right? No? No. Anyway, Tina told me that her girls started getting into Full House. See, it's a classic!

Gargoyles - A Saturday morning cartoon by Disney about gargoyles that moved and did stuff. We really watched a wide-range of shows. Tehe.

Blossom - We actually liked this show. I honestly don't remember why. Haha. She liked hats! Yeah, that's it.

Thunder Cats - Huz actually remembered the characters' names. That's pretty amazing. I just remember how they would yell "Thunder thunder thunder cats hoooooo!"

Smurfs - La la la la la la la la. The smurfs were really cute. But Gargamel was just weird. Why does he want to eat little blue people that were three apples high? Doesn't sound appetizing at all.

As you can tell, despite the half hour rule, we watched a lot of TV. So we weren't really deprived although that didn't stop us from complaining...a lot. Hope you had fun going down memory lane with me. What was your favorite old TV show?

P.S. Happy Birthday, little Laura...who isn't little anymore. She turned 20 today!! So she likely doesn't remember any of these TV shows. =p

Monday, March 1, 2010

Yet Another Reason That I'm a Bad Wife

I promised Huz I'll be nice to him after the debacle that was his birthday, especially because he bought me an awesome DSLR camera for my birthday and I got him yummy, tasty air. But that promise was hard to keep!! I was given my first test and failed miserably.

Huz came down with something this past weekend. He was all sniffley and nasally on Saturday. Later in the day, he began complaining of a headache, which I totally ignored. Tehe. He was kinda whining all day. I didn't really say anything. Once in a while, he'd make me feel his head, claiming he felt feverish. I dutifully complied while rolling my eyes. It felt warm, I suppose, but it wasn't that bad. I heard his whining all day and finally told him to stop being little baby. Then he told me that he definitely had a fever. I disagreed a little too adamantly and called me a man child. We had to decide once and for all if he actually had a fever. I didn't believe it for a second. So I pulled out the good ol' trusty thermometer and put it in his mouth. That shut him up for a good five seconds. Ha! The thermometer beeped, and it was time to settle this. 100 degrees. I was wrong! Oops. *sheepish*

He didn't let that one go for a while. Next time, I'll just keep my mouth shut and agree with him while I make him chicken soup. I promise!

P.S. I don't know when was the last time I had a fever. Huz is a weak little man with a sucky immune system. That's not my fault! Told you that promise was hard to keep. ;)