Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mac Mini Mania

I am a PC.
(Scratch that.)
I was a PC.

Back in the day, I was strictly PC. What was this new apple thing people were always talkin' about? I liked my comfortable Dell and all its familiar things like toolbars and start buttons.

But as a student graphic designer, I began to go to the school computer labs a lot and was forced to work with Macs. I was a little frustrated. Where's the start button?! What's Garage Band?! What the hells is up with this dashboard crap?! But as I got to sophomore year, I got used to it. I got used to the speed. Used to the amazing applications that come with it for free. Used to the built in antivirus that actually works.

I was getting tired of my stupid Dell laptop. But Macs are so expensivo!!(I meant to put that "o" there because I like to pretend I know other languages) My boss told me if I wanted to get a Mac so badly, I should just get a Mac Mini on Craiglist for like $300.

It was like the word of God.

So I got one! I went to this creepy doctor's house and bought his Mac Mini for $340! It has a dual processor, 2 gb of ram, and already has a built in DVD burner! What a deal! I mean it's not the most impressive piece of machinery, but for $340 that's great. It was worth the possibility of bloody doctor murder!

My boss has tons of Mac Minis, because they're fairly cheap (half the price of a Mac laptop) and they can do whatever you want. He uses one to watch movies on, one to control the music in his office, one as a server, and one just to design on.

As you can see in the picture above, you really can use it for anything!

I was playing with mine all day today. There's all these awesome widgets you can download for free online. You can have a widget that's just a monster dancing. That's it. C'mon! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

PS. That picture's a joke. Just in case any weirdos out there thought it was real. Hehe.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Bloody Anniversary

Me and my Petey Bear celebrated our anniversary this past weekend. It was great. He made me this terrible chicken curry dish and we traded gifts. We ended up vegging the whole weekend and rented a few movies.

First, I chose this random movie that was just released on DVD. It's called The Road and stars Viggo Mortenson. I scanned the synopsis and it was an apocalypse movie. Me and Peter love those kinds of movies so we grabbed it and put it on. Oh dear. It was pretty good. But it included terrible things like suicide, death, rape, cannibalism.... very depressing. Hm, not a great anniversary movie...

Next, I put The Box on. I always wanted to see the movie since I've seen the trailer. It was so mysterious! Well...that was the weirdest friggin' movie I've seen since Space Odyssey 2001! I still have no words to describe it. But again, it had things like suicide and death! Bah! Can we not escape it?!

After that, Peter wanted to watch Law Abiding Citizen because his friends kept telling him how good it was. Sigh.. Once again, it was good, but there was so much death and rape!! Why oh why!

All our movie choices were so terrible it was laughable!

On the bright side, at least it's a weekend we'll never forget. Literally, those movies were haunting...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

No One Sippin' on Lemonade Here!

Mothers, Mothers, Mothers. What to say about ours? All I can do is shake my head. If you want a visual, she's teeny, has boy short hair, and has a Chinese accent.

Tara has recently informed me that the couple times she's asked my mom whether she likes my boyfriend or not, she's said the same thing:

"Aw, Peter. He does everything for her. Everything! She needs to learn how to do things for herself!"

I'm just putting the pieces together now and realizing that with my mom, first impressions are key when it comes to boyfriends. She gets an idea about them from the beginning and she sticks with it. Luckily with Huz, she always just said,"He is a good boy." Tina wasn't so lucky. She said, "He knows how to talk."

I realize now that I blew it in the beginning. I really wanted her to like him so I always told her things he did for us or the house, saying things like:

"Mommy! Look Peter mopped the floors after the bbq!"
"Guess what! Peter washed the car!"
"Peter already took out the garbage."
Peter, Peter, Peter

I forgot to mention that while he was washing the car, I was making him lunch. Or while he was mopping the floors, I was picking trash off the floor and wiping down tables.

I wasn't sippin' on lemonade, Mom!

Sigh... [Shake my head]

Lost Without LOST

I was truly lost without LOST.  That show was awesome beyond words.  The ending was perfection...no one better say otherwise or I WILL throw a beet at them!  Anyway, just retiring this LOST tribute banner.  Aren't we cute all disheveled?  We should totally get lost on a island!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Note: I'm Not Racist

Recently, I've made the terrible choice of watching Prince of Persia in theater. Why? Well, we went to the theater to watch Karate Kid (My boyfriend dragged me, I swear), but it was sold out. We debated over Get Him to the Greek and A Team, yet somehow we ended up buying tickets for this movie...

But I'm not writing this post as a review. I am simply commenting on how movies like this like to take a Caucasian actor, slap a stubble on his face and beads in his hair and call him Persian. Has all the Persian actors in the world been sucked into a black hole? If they have, I haven't heard anything about it.

The actors even have English accents in the film. I mean I'm sure Persians learned English from England, although I doubt in that time period.

This all reminded me of a movie I saw a while ago. Anyone remember 10,000 BC?

All the characters supposedly in a tribe in 10,000 BC were completely mixed in ethnicity. It was like a United Nations poster. Know how they made them all seem like they were the same? They all had dreadlocks.

I mean I know they can't all go as far as Mel Gibson had when he did Apocalypto or Passion of the Christ, but C'MON HOLLYWOOD! You could do better than that!

Although I'd like to note that Prince of Persia has pretty good graphic designers on their pay role.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nervous Parenting

Let it be known that I'm notoriously spontaneous and the fact that my boyfriend can also have these tendencies does not help matters at all.

I've recently just come back from a vacation at the beach. I saw hermit crabs and suddenly had a romantic idea of owning two little ones with that bf of mine. I was on the fence about it. When I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to get a couple with me he said, "Yeah, sure. Sounds good." That did it. All doubts went out the window and my eyes were starry with romance. We got them as soon as possible.

Lord all mighty.

Don't doubt that I love Theodore and Pigby, but holy bajesus, they are not "easy and affordable to care for" as oh so many people claim. I feel as though the general public is under the impression, as I was, that all hermit crabs need are some food and water. My eyes weren't twinkling for long! As soon as I google searched those bad boys, I knew I was in for it.

Here's an image of a proper tank:

This doesn't even list a hygrometer I had to get also to measure humidity! We've already spend over $200 on these suckers.

So here's the truth. They need a humidity of at least 70 or they can't breathe properly and they can slowly DIE. They need the temperature to be 80 or they'll DIE. They need salt water to bathe in or they'll DIE(I don't know if they'll actually die because of that, but I wanted to keep the pattern going.).

For the past week, I have been a nervous wreck. I eat, sleep, and breathe worry! (Literally. I just had it for breakfast earlier.) I've been struggling to keep the humidity levels over 70. Just this morning it was 60 then it dropped to 30! I've been laying in bed fretting because my poor babies can't even BREATHE! I haven't even had time let them crawl on my shirt or throw a ball around with them or embarrass them in front of their friends! I've been researching and researching, doing everything the websites advise to no avail! I've had dreams! Dreams no normal 20-year-old should have! Not only about how they can't breathe, but also that I don't have any shells. Websites say you should have at least 3 extra shells for hermit crab so they can change to their pleasing. If a crab wants to change, but can't find any suitable shells (let alone any shells at all!) they can get stressed out.

But I won't end this ranting post on a sad note. In the past few minutes, while writing this post actually, I figured out how to keep the humidity levels up. I simply covered the top with a piece of scrap cardboard. I feel intellectually (and physically) beaten by a piece cardboard.

I can't make fun of Tina and her worried husband anymore. I've now been begrudgingly shoved into their category (several years too early I might add) of being a nervous parent.

PS. Look at the time. It's 8:43 am. I've been know to sleep til noon. Sigh...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The 3 Witches

Several years ago, I picked up the first book of Nora Roberts' Three Sisters Island Trilogy at a book warehouse sale.  The trilogy is about three witches whose ancestors created the island as their sanctuary.  However, through tradegy, these witches lost their way and each other.  The first book titled Dance upon the Air focused on the witch who had never been on the island but found herself drawn to it.  She was completely unaware of what she was and had never met the other two.  When she finally arrived on the island, the other two witches sensed it and knew instantly.  It was a feeling.  I imagined it like a shock wave...or like an electromagnetic pulse.  The pulse began when and where the witch stepped foot onto the island and then traveled outward until it touched the other two witches.

(This is just a tiny peek into my crazy head.  Scary, idn't?)

Ever since I read that book, I have always remembered that imaginary.  I already forget most of the storyline.  But I will never forget the fantastic vision of that moment when the third witch arrived on the island.  These witches...these sisters in arms finally felt complete.  Each was one part of a whole.

I think of my bond with my sisters in the same way.  They make me whole.  No matter where we are, we have that connection.  But it is only complete when we are together.

All three of us had our time away from home...away from each other.  Tina and I went away to separate colleges.  Tina moved out of state for a couple years in early 2000.  I almost went to law school in DC but decided against it.  The main reason was because I didn't want to miss any part of my sisters' lives.  I didn't want to miss Carmen and Rachel growing up.  I needed them.

Now Laura is in college, away from home. Whenever Laura comes home from college, I joke to her that I can sense when she enters the state's border.  I get that same imaginary.  The pulse.  I even have a sound effect for it.  Hehe.

And who knows where Laura will be after college. I imagine her as the witch in Dance upon the Air.  When Laura finally comes home, Tina and I will instantly feel her presence.  We will just know it.  Because she completes us.  She completes me.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My F-List

I am a very faithful and loyal wife.  But I would totally cheat on Huz with Bradley Cooper.  But it's okay.  You see...he's on my list.  Ya know, the list of five celebrities you're allowed to sleep with.  It's from an episode of Friends where Ross, with Rachel's blessing, came up with his own list, which he even laminated.
Well, this weekend, Huz said I could have a list too.  It all started, while watching the movie Valentine's Day, I declared to Tina that I would totally DO Bradley Cooper.  Haha. But hey, I am a good wife. I had to get permission from Huz first.  To be fair, I let him have a list too.  =)
As this is very very important, I've been thinking super hard.  Who should I put on my list??  I mean, there are tons of celebrities that I love like Simon Pegg, James McAvoy, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, just to name a few.  But they wouldn't be on my list.  Only major hottie mchotties would do.  Finally after days of soul searching, I have my list!  I'm not laminating it.  But I think putting it on the Internet makes it official.
Here is it:
Bradley Cooper - *Drool* You ever notice his sexy voice?  Well, I did.

Ryan Gosling - Only really liked him in The Notebook.  But I don't care.  Sigh...  
Alex O'Loughlin - From the shortlived Moonlight.  He is a hot aussie. I love it when he's all broody.

Jason Dohring - Logan from Veronica Mars.  A real bad boy with layers.  I wanna be the woman to change him!

Zooey Deschanel - Huz said I'm allowed to have girls on my list.  Tehe.  I have a huge girl crush on her.  I'm gay for Zooey Deschanel!
P.S. Do you have a list?  Who's on it?

P.P.S. I kid!!  I would not sleep around.  It's not like it could ever happen anyway.  Tehe.