Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Yes, I like to add "izing" or "izer" to everything I do. It makes it sound so much cooler.

So this summer I got two internships! I'm learning a lot and learning fast. So far I've worked two weeks, and I've gotten a promo card printed! It's for a bar/restaurant that books bands to play for their upstairs. This is a promo card listing the bands playing for the month!

I got the prints. This is a 4.25x6" card and was also resized for a 11x17" poster. My boss gave me a couple and I'm so excited I want to hang it on a wall!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Laura Lies!

Laura is a liar!  She has broken our unspoken vow and left our sisterhood shattered.  Shattered, I say!!  The betrayal, the heartache.  Laura, how could you?  How could you?!?  LAURA LIES!
No, seriously, she does.  I am not just making up drama.  Really!  I found out that my dear little sister...
...Brace for it...
Tells me what I want to hear...or at least what she thinks I want to hear.  I was shocked!  SHOCKED!
How did I find out something so despicable??  So grotescue.  I spit on it! 
On my way to Tina's house one time, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things.  I bought already-made cornbread to eat.  Laura tried some and said it was really good.  I was like really...I thought it was kinda dry.  And she said no, it's really good.  Then I think I mentioned I bought it from the grocery store.  Then she asked you didn't make this?  And I responded no, and she said oh, then never's not good.
WHAT???  She does this ALL THE TIME!  I know, shocking, right??
Another time, we were out shopping.  We were looking at various things at the store.  For some reason, I pulled out my sunglasses and asked Laura if she likes them.  She took one look at me and said Eww.  I was like Why?  What's wrong with my sunglasses?  And she was like oh, those are yours...I mean they are nice.  HA!  Nice try!
Then it got me thinking of the other lies she undoubtedly told me.
What about that dress with the crazy print that Laura said she loved on me?  Lie! 
How about my butternut squash soup that she said was delish?  Lie!
What about the strappy sandals that Laura claimed wasn't "too much"?  LIES LIES LIES!
So here I am to spread the truth about Laura's lies.  The truth shall set you free!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

In One Ear and Out the Other

OMG, Huz just doesn't listen!  He drives me crazy!!

But to tell you the truth, he probably says the same thing about me.  I noticed recently that we are terrible at listening to each other.  I get really perturbed by this.  Okay, I guess sometimes I am kinda cryptic, but he should figure it out, right??  I mean, I give tons of clues.  Tehe.

Like today, I told him I had to pick my prescription up from the pharmacy and asked him to go with me. He asked which one?  I told him it was the CVS on my way home from work. I think I even told him what route it was on.  We also drive by that CVS all the time.  Then when we were in the car and heading there, he asked it's the one near your work, right? What??? Was he listening at all?? My work is more than 20 minutes away.  Why would I make him drive all the way there?  The CVS I was talking about is only 3 minutes away.  What the heck! 

Although when I thought about it later...I realized he was willing to drive 20 minutes to take me to the pharmacy.  And didn't really complain.  Awww...

But he still drives me nuts!!

This isn't the first time.  A couple weeks ago, I emailed Huz at work and asked him to stop at the supermarket for a few things.  I told him I was going to make dinner.  Here is the relevant part of the list, word for word:

- Sweet Italian sausage
- 2 green peppers or red if on sale
- 1 onion
- Italian bread loaf

Obviously, I was going to make Italian sausages and peppers.

Anyway, later that day, he called me from the supermarket and asked me if I wanted green peppers.  I said yes, I want two but get red peppers if they are on sale.  He said that they weren't on sale.  So I said okay, don't get them.  He said okay, I won't get them.

He came home...without any green peppers!  He said you only said to get them if they were on sale!  I said no, only get red if they were on sale.  Argh!  We go back and forth like that for a few minutes.  Then I exclaimed, "What the heck did you think I was going to make for dinner???"  He actually responded "I don't know!"  He is exasperating!  I made him go back to the store and get green peppers.

So I realize this turned into a post blaming Huz.  So here is another story where we were both equally at fault...or at least that's what I say. 

A few weeks ago, I planned on stopping at DSW after work and told Huz to meet me in that shopping center.  It is on his way home, so I thought we could go to dinner in that area.  I got to DSW earlier than him and was looking around.  Then I get a call from him.  He asked me if it was the DSW near Target.  I said yeah.  Then he asked on routes blah and blah?  I said yeah yeah.

He called me again and said he was at the Target and asked me where the DSW was.  I told him the DSW was on the other side.  After a few minutes of me trying to give him directions, we realized he was in a totally different shopping center.  I was like why don't you know where DSW is??  Haha.  I realize that's a stupid question...only we women would know where shoe stores are located.  But still!  He drives by there every friggin' day.  I asked him to meet me there because of that.  Why would he drive completely out of his way???  I don't get it.  Then of course, he started pointing the finger at me.  He said I asked you if it was on route blah and blah, and you said yes.  Well, I wasn't listening, okay??  The DSW was on some route, and I thought that's what he said.

Okay, so we are both guilty of not listening.  But I think it's more his fault than mine.  He didn't get all the clues I left for him.  And and and he's a stupid head!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Blind Playdate

My 4-year-old daughter, Rachel, recently had her first playdate. I have been holding off since my oldest didn't have hers until she was 6 years old and in kindergarten. It just didn't seem fair parading Carmen's playdates in front of Rachel and not allowing her to have any. Well, I called one of her preschool friend's mom and set up a playdate. What was supposed to be a 3-minute conversation became a 19-minute one. I said we should meet at a playground. All of a sudden we're talking about going to some indoor play yard. I ask for directions to her playground and it takes her awhile to figure it out. After finally giving me the directions, she mentions playgrounds that might be closer to me, but she doesn't know the locations. I feel like screaming, "Come on, woman, can we just stick to one thing here?" She just seemed to keep getting sidetracked. The 19-minute conversation left me regretting setting the playdate, but it was done, and I think it's for my Rachel.
The day of the playdate arrives and we're meeting them at 10:30am. My daughter is so excited and asking every 15 minutes whether we're going yet. I tell her, "They're probably just waking up," and "They need time to eat breakfast." Appalled she says, "They didn't eat breakfast yet!!!" This is only because we've been up since 6:45am. Right after Rachel's playdate, I was planning to go out with my sisters. I wanted to dress up a little since I never get to. It was almost 10 o'clock. I was deciding what to wear still. Should I wear two different outfits for the day? I didn't feel like changing again and I didn't know if I'll have time anyway. I didn't want to wear make up for the playdate either, but for the sake of time I got all "dressed up" for my playdate. When I asked my daughter if it was too much, you should've seen the look on her face when she gave me a definite yes. She also said I looked too make-uppy. Her words, not mine. As I was driving, I knew I was probably too dressed up for a morning playdate and maybe felt a little self-conscious about it. Jokingly I put on sunglasses, and in the rearview mirror asked Rachel if it was better, she said yes and told me to keep it on. 4 years old and already embarrassed by her mother.

Well, we finally arrived, and no, I did not wear the sunglasses. To sum it up, Rachel had a great time and the mom wasn't so bad. Conversation was steady, even though it died down a little after the first hour. She seemed friendly enough. Will we do this again? Maybe, but not for at least another month. Afterward, I was thinking first playdates are almost like blind dates for moms. You've never met this person and questions undoubtedly will cross your mind. Will conversation be awkward? What will we talk about? What should I wear? Will I even like this person? Will it be a torturous 2 hours? It really wasn't so bad, and I found a great playground because of it. Did I mention the huge sand box? Totally worth it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Gaga

I had to share this video.  A 12-year-old boy does it better than Lady Gaga!  And he is a cutie pie.  Watch the girls in the background.  They can't believe what they are hearing.  Greyson is amazing!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bad Music

When people ask me what kind of music I like, I always respond, "bad music."  You know what I'm talking 40s, Britney Spears, ooncha-ooncha-ooncha.  Although I call it "bad," I'm not ashamed.  I love that stuff.  I wanna sing along to words that barely make sense and shake my booty to that beat.  Haha.

A couple weeks ago, I thought the airwaves were sorely lacking in some good tunes.  One R&B song blended into the next.  Every other song was Lady Gaga.  And I draw the line at Miley Cyrus.  No thank you.

But then suddenly, there was some new tuneage on the radio. Yes!  Finally.  These are some of my favorites at the moment.

"If We Ever Meet Again" - Timbaland feat. Katy Perry

"Nothing on You" - B.o.B. feat. Bruno Mars

 "Your Love Is My Drug" - Ke$ha

This is a just a sampling of the bad music I love!  I don't care.  It's so bad it's good!  You know you love it too!

P.S. I started this post a week or so ago.  I didn't even have time to finish it.  Ugh. I've been crazy busy at work.  Working days and nights and weekends.  It should die down soon, and we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Mother's Day

I have to say my Mother's Day was uneventful, but that's exactly how I wanted it. I told my girls that the only thing I wanted for Mother's Day was for them to play nicely together. In other words, "Leave mommy alone." I actually spent the day watching movies on TV. First I found "Bridget Jones' Diary: The Edge of Reason," then I watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," and finally "The Craft." All great movies by the way. This might sound extremely boring to many of you. But do you know the last time I've enjoyed a movie marathon? I can't even remember. My girls were wonderful through all of this. They played kitchen, My Little Ponies, and Potato Head, and hardly fought. Admittedly, I can't be entirely lazy, so I did clean out my drawers and put away my winter clothes. But all this was done in front of the television. So all in all, my Mother's Day was pretty awesome and totally uneventful, just the way I like it. To all the mothers out there, I hope you were blessed with peace and quiet on Mother's Day.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May the Fourth Be With You, Followers!

Laura's Blood on a Page

In my last creative writing post, Tara decided to become Hitler again and comment on me and Tina's post titles and their lack of creativity. Well I say OppositeOfHail Hitler!

I wrote this poem for one of my last assignments for my creative writing class. I just took my final, so my homework posts are over with! Sorrow. This poem is very personal to me. It's actually a poem I wrote in high school, and I completely rewrote it. Enjoy!

Monday, May 3, 2010

"A Note from Mommy to Rachel" by Carmen

Every morning my daughters MUST say goodbye to me before I leave for work. They get very anxious sometimes and rush downstairs afraid that I might've left already. Sometimes they don't catch me and I have to leave a note saying goodbye to them. I especially have to remember the note for my 4-year-old Rachel, who cries when she wakes up and I'm not there. The note makes her feel better and she stops crying.

So this morning they both caught me before I left. As I am preparing to leave, Rachel asks me to write her a note anyway. She sometimes likes to take them to school with her. I told her I had to leave and told her Carmen will write her a note and this seem to placate her. Carmen, who's so lovely, agreed and I rushed out the door.

I came home after work and found this lovely note written by Carmen to Rachel. It was so adorable, so I had to share it.

Dear Rachel,

Mommy will be back. Mommy loves you so so so much. I do too. Me and Mommy hope you have a great day at school. We hope you bring back some cool stuf. I wished I could do those stuf. Blo blo blo. And now I am done.

Love Carmen and Mommy

PS. Well Mommy didnt really help she was the one to tell me to write this to you. Now I am done.

The note was written word for word without any editing. I hope you enjoyed it.

Employees Must Wash Hands

There's a non-handwasher at work.  I run into her once in a while.  She'd be in a stall when I come into the bathroom.  And before I know it, she bolts out of there.  Without. Washing. Her. Hands.  At first, I thought I was mistaken.  Did I miss the running water?  Did she really leave without washing her hands?  After a few more chance encounters, I had no doubt in my mind.

My two co-workers and I were determined to find out the identity of the non-handwasher. Short of jumping out and going "AHA!" I didn't know how. She was a slippery one. The second I get into the stall, she runs out of there.

Finally, I got the perfect opportunity to catch her. I went to the bathroom and saw that another stall was occupied. As usual, she flushed and was on her way out. To her surprise, someone walks in at that moment. They exchange quick pleasantries, and the woman goes into the bathroom letting the non-handwasher escape. This was my opportunity. I had to ask her who she had just run into. I needed to know.  Luckily, I recognized my co-worker's shoes. When she came out of the stall, I excitedly asked her and got my answer! As you probably guessed, I was very proud of myself.  =)

Now we know the identity of the non-handwasher.  She is a temp at my office, probably in her early 20s.  She doesn't work in my department, but she sits on my side of the building on the same floor.  Now I know not to go near her or anything she touches.

This morning, she was in there again.  I knew it because she always uses the handicap stall, and no one else does.  But this time another person was in there too. She tried to make her escape, but the other person walked out of the stall at the exact same time.  Guess what happened!?!?

The non-handwasher was forced to wash her hands!!

In the afternoon, I had another encounter with her again. This time, I didn't hear any running water when she left. I mean, she obviously knows better. It's also obvious that she is embarrassed by her habit...considering she washed her hands when someone was in there.

I should put a sign up for her that says "Employees must wash hands." And tack it to the inside of the handicap stall.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

So Opinionated

I spent a lovely day with Tina and her girls.  I haven't seen my nieces in weeks and gave them hugs that lasted a little longer than they preferred.  Tehe. It's always fun to hang out with them. They are both so weird and silly and of course say the darnedest things. 

Rachel, the 4-year-old, was particularly a hoot today

Because it was so nice out, we wanted to do stuff outdoors.  So we had a picnic at a park.  Then we went to a local shopping center.  After we left Old Navy, Rachel said, "I don't like outdoor malls."  Haha.  I didn't know a 4-year-old would have an opinion about that.

Recently, I've been obsessed with that show Life on the Discovery Channel.  I told Carmen all about it, so she had watched a few episodes.  She really wanted to watch it today.  Then Rachel said, "I don't like Life...I like Suite Life."  Then she added "Hello, Zack and Cody!"  She is, of course, referring to a TV show on the Disney Channel.