Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm a Poet, and I Know It.

When I was in high school, I liked creative writing, particular writing poems. Ya know the kind where I poured out my heart and soul. And it was gut wrenching. And everything was dramatic. And I just wanted to die. Yeah, the awesome kind! Well, I don't write poems like I used to. Yes, it is sad. But I still have them to enjoy! Because I wrote them down and saved them, baby. I pulled out my old poetry journal recently. Man, are they painful to read. Meaning they are much so that they are hilarious!

Here are a few gems just for you.



Love to me saddens my heart and mind.
It expresses to me of what is not kind.
Love around me is love that is for another.
They don't love me; they love some other.
People who I once loved has turned away.
They left me there with nothing to say.
My soul aches and yearns for a caring hard.
I just want someone who will understand.
I need love like any human being.
I wish I can go blind and stop seeing.
The cruel world has done me great sorrow.
I lay in bed hoping there will be no tomorrow.
I look into tomorrow like a dead end.
It will trap me into becoming his friend.
Then it will turn away, and my heart will ache.
It will leave and go on and care for no one's sake.
I suffered greatly, and it will never be repaid.
I had love and happiness, and I knew it would fade.
What can I do to change they way I think and feel.
If there's such a thing as true love; is it real?
The sorrow is buried deep within my soul.
It won't break free. It won't let go.
Love is like a tree because it will eventually die.
I wish I could only say hello and not say good-bye.

Comment: Wow! I am depressing. I read this to Laura today, and she felt bad for me. Haha! Poor poor teenage one loved her apparently.


Who Are You?

Who are you to me?
You were once an insignificant nobody in my life,
a passerby, a stranger...
You watched as I wondered alone,
searching and seeking for something,
something to complete my life.
You were not easy to find.
I looked everywhere, and
I failed many times,
retrieving to my domain to weep away.
I did not even know when
I found you...
thinking you were just another
little something in my life.
My eyes were blocked by the
blazing sun of despair.
I realized it was you when
I gave up.
How ironic!
You were right here in front of me...
giving me the gift of love.
Who are you to me now?
Everything, the world, and life itself.
Your smile brightens my day.
Your touch leaves me weak with joy.
I never knew love
until I knew you.
I will cherish your gift forever,
holding it close to my heart
and never ever letting go.
Now I finally know who you are.

Comment: This poem was written on June 23, 1997. And it was about Huz! Haha! I wonder if this will embarrass him. Oh, well. My favorite part of this poem is "the blazing sun of despair." I try to say that any chance I get matter the conversation.



A new year, a new feeling, a new hope. Everything is the same yet there is something that is different. Something that has changed. Breathe in the new air, the fresh clean new air. Look around you. Not only look but experience, feel, smell, taste, hear it. 1995! Sigh! Wow, so many memories yet there is a big future ahead. A future full of hopes, dreams, disappointments, love, hate, and a new...everything. What is there? What is out there for me, you, everyone? Can I live it now? Can I see into it and smile or laugh or frown? 1995 has brought me many new thoughts of the past, present, and future. 1995 will always be cherished like the many other years that changed me and made me what I am today.

Comment: OMG! I wrote that 15 friggin' years ago. That is crazy. I've come a long way...or at least I'd like to think so. I thought this poem was apt since today is New Year's Eve. I'll look into 2010 and smile...or maybe laugh...or maybe frown. I haven't decided yet. Haha.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Avatar Is the Shiznit

Hope everyone had a pleasant holiday. I have been busy spending time with family, cooking, and eating a non-stop. But I guess that is what the holidays are all about. ;) However, in between bites of food, I went out to watch Avatar with Huz, cuz, and lil bro. It was the highlight of my week. Haha. Jk. (Not really.)

I had been really excited to watch Avatar and was not disappointed. I watched it in 3D, which probably wasn't necessary. I absolutely loved the movie though. The best part was the world created by writer/director James Cameron called Pandora and the blue people that cohabited it called the Na'vi. Everything about the world was...magical from the bizarre plants to the glowing trees to the larger than life animals. The CGI and effects were awesome and just made it feel and look so real.

In the movie, a human, Jake Sully, attempts to infiltrate one tribe on Pandora by using an avatar created with human and Na'vi DNA. He basically gets into a machine, and his mind is somehow connected to his avatar. On his first trip into the forest of Pandora, he gets separated from his crew. The Na'vi knows of these avatars and treats them as hostiles. However, Neytiri comes upon him and believes that he is somehow special. As such, her people allows him to stay with their tribe and learn the ways of the Na'vi. Soon Jake is conflicted about his mission because he has fallen in love with the world and with his teacher, Neytiri.

It is such a beautiful love story. However, freakin' teenagers in the theater ruined parts of the movie for me. They were snickering and making a commotion during the more sentimental parts. Ugh. They were so annoying. I tried to ignore it as best I could.

Anyway, despite all the good stuff in the movie, it did have its tired cliches. The humans were motivated by greed...of course. Pandora is rich with a mineral called unobtainium that sells for millions of dollars an ounce.Then there's the annoying military guy who just wants to destroy Pandora for no apparent reason than to just be the bad guy of the piece. His character was exaggerated almost to the point of the ridiculous.

But honestly, I don't care. The story was simple and probably didn't have much substance. I loved it anyway.

The movie reminded me of FernGully. Do you remember that cartoon movie from way back when? Huz had no idea what I was talking about.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The 3 Sisters Christmas Song

Here is a Christmas song just for you from us. You can sing along here. Merry Christmas, everyone!!


Have a holly jolly Christmas!
We've been blogging through the year.
We don't know all our readers though,
But have a pint of beer.
Have a holly jolly Christmas!
We'll walk by you on the street.
On this blog we're friends you know
and who cares if we never meet.

Oh ho, friend or foe.
Hanging around the tree.
Somebody cares for you.
It's the sisters three.
Have a holly jolly Christmas!
Thanks for following, my dear.
Oh by golly have a holly jolly Christmas this year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cranky Pants

I am usually a very cheery person. Really! But I've noticed recently that I've been a bit cranky. I apologize to the victims of my crankiness. Sorry I snapped at you. I don't know what it is. Maybe that I've been super busy at work or that it's the holidays (ba humbug). Or that people are just pissing me off!

Okay, it's really me. After turning 31, I've become a cranky old lady. Ya know, like the ones who shake their fists at the younguns, yelling unnecessarily loudly and frequently. It's true. I've been sitting out on my porch (screw the snow) and screaming "You crazy kids. Get off my lawn!" to everyone who passes. I get a lot of confused looks, and then I give them my own look that says "I will eff you up!"

I was never a patient person. Along with my youth, I am losing the little patience I have left. Things that used to mildly irritate me, now extremely irritate me.

Like if you want me to do something, you don't need to tell me a hundred times. I know! I heard you the first 99 times.

I'm happy to help you. But I am NOT going to do everything for you. You gotta help yourself. "Help me help you! Help me help you!"

I realize you like to hear the sound of your own voice. But frankly, I don't. So shut the eff up!

See...I told you I was cranky. In the spirit of Christmas and as a resolution for the new year, I promise I will try to improve my disposition. I will try to remember that patience is a virtue. I will hold my tongue even though I really really want to say something. I will not be violent despite a growing need to hurt someone. Basically, I will shut myself in my house and never leave. You'll thank me later.

P.S. My name Tara means "crabby rock." That explains a lot.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Kettle Corn

We had our departmental holiday dinner last week where we did the white elephant exchange. I was stressed about it because I wanted to make up for my lousy present from last year--a shower radio. Apparently, it wasn't as cool as I thought it was. Also, everyone was doing a lot of trash-talking this year, saying theirs were going to be the best. My one co-worker had ordered her present several weeks in advance and kept talking up her gift. After much debate, I ended up getting the gumball machine, and it was a hit! Yay! And my trash talking co-worker got totally owned because two other people actually had the same gift--a snuggie! Haha. I admit that it's not a bad gag gift, but it was unfortunately very unoriginal. Too bad for her. She'll just have to redeem herself next year and make sure to zip it! ;)

Well, I ended up with the West Bend Crazy Stir popcorn popper. I was at first hesitant to steal it because it's kinda bulky. And I really don't have any room in my kitchen. And I really don't need a popcorn popper or another kitchen appliance for that matter. But I am so glad I got it because I can make kettle corn!

Okay, I have to admit that I am a big fraud. I've never had real kettle corn from a fair or carnival. I only tried it recently pre-made. But the kettle corn I make with my popper is still pretty good.

I just throw in oil, sugar, and kernels and turn it on. In a few minutes, popcorn is popping before my very eyes.
Soon the dome is filled with popcorn. I add a few dashes of salt and get homemade kettle corn in just minutes.
I've already made it four times. Isn't it neat? I really do love stuff like this. It's different, fun, and entertaining. Well, it is for me, at least.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Procrastination Is the Christmas Way

Ah. Christmas is almost upon us. It's the time of year for joy and love. But also a time for major procrastination. Droves of people were planning on hitting the malls and stores this weekend. But what they didn't plan for was...mounds of snow to stop them! A fuggin' blizzard. The biggest one in ever. WTF! Doesn't Mother Nature know that we need to shop!? That Christmas is almost here?

Knowing that we were getting lots of snow today, Huz and I went to Target at 11p last night. A lot of people did the same. Target was friggin' crowded at midnight. Haha. I had to buy my little niece's birthday present, and her party was supposed to be today. Tehe. And I had to pick up giftcards and holiday cards for our staff at work. Done and done.

But we didn't get the most important thing. A shovel!

Instead, we woke up today at 11a and went out in search of one. We tried three places, and each place had run out. Also, at each place and at the exact same time, there were three other people looking for shovels too. Haha. We weren't even the only dummies who waited the last possible minute to buy a shovel.

I'll also like to note that we have lived at our house for three winters, and we still don't have a shovel. How the hell is that possible?

As a last resort, we bought a small flat shovel from Home Depot. It's going to be fun shoveling our cars out tomorrow. Note the sarcasm.

Damnit, why'd we procrastinate!?!

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Nice, Firm Handshake

Yes, it's Tara blogging on a Friday afternoon. You must be thinking "what the heck is going on?" Or you probably didn't notice. I just like to think that you people care. =p Anyway, if you must know, I left work early for an appointment and am now home.

TV in the afternoon sucks, man! There is absolutely nothing to watch. Okay, I lied. I am watching my go-to movie when there is nothing else--You've Got Mail! Otherwise, there is really nothing on TV except for Judge Judy and According to Jim. Ack! So that's why I'm blogging. Haha.

Anyway, to my real topic...handshakes. At my appointment, I shook hands with the strongest woman I've ever met! Okay, not really. But damn, her handshake was like a death grip crushing my finger bones. And she didn't let go for a good five seconds. That is one long and overly firm handshake.

Ever since my undergrad business classes, it has been drilled into my brain that handshakes are important in making a first impression. And to make a good impression, your handshake must be firm.

So I really hate it when women do that soft and flimsy hand-holding thing instead of a real handshake. They would put their fingers (not their whole hand) gently into mine and barely even squeeze. It's just weird. It feels like I should kiss their ring or something.

If I don't get that, I get the kung-fu death grip. Huz was there and even agreed with me. I didn't know what to make of it. Did she not realize how tight her grip was on our hands?

I'm just asking for something in between...a nice, firm handshake. It tells me you mean business. But more importantly, a bad handshake won't be the only thing I remember about you. And you know I won't stop ragging on it. Hehe.

Monday, December 14, 2009

"We Are Individuals!"

This is dedicated to Tina, my twin.

It's our birthday week! (Yes, we get a week.) Woohoo! Two little precious twins were born 31 years ago. (Man, we are old!)

When people find out that I'm a twin, the first thing they always say is "I wish I had a twin!" Usually, I politely smile and nod. But inside I am thinking "yeah, sucks to be you!" Because having a twin is pretty much the awesomest thing ever!

Laura wishes she was our triplet. Honestly, she just wants our remarkably good looks. Haha.

What is it like being a twin? People ask me that all the time. I usually get several other questions like: Does she feel your pain? Can you read each others' mind? Who is the evil twin? The dumbest one is still: Do you guys have the same birthday? Well, yeah...that's the point!

Having a twin is having a built-in best friend who knows you, loves you unconditionally, and is always always there for you. Tina has always been those things to me and more. For the longest time (before we had our own families), she was the first person who supported me, defended me, and cared for me. So I can't help loving the friggin' woman!

Yeah, it's true that I always had to share everything with her, including my birthday and my cake. =p And sometimes people assume we are the same person. Ahem, Laura!! We are individuals damnit! People always buy us the same exact gifts. Ahem, Laura, again. And people always group us together like "we" said something or "we" did something when clearly only one of us had. I don't have to say it again. But when I say "people," I basically mean Laura. (She is a bad bad triplet.)

But it is totally worth it. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Oh, and by the way, if you were wondering, I am the evil twin. Muhahahaha!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Team Jacob

I need to clarify. I'm Team Jacob with short hair, not with the long wig thingee.

I know I am late with my review of New Moon, but I just watched it yesterday. I don't like being the first to watch a movie. I like being the last, okay? =p

Here is my review in three words. I. Heart. Jacob. Laura even admitted that she's Team Jacob, but only when it comes to the Twilight movies. She despises Robert Pattinson. Otherwise, she is Team Edward through and through.

All three of us went to watch New Moon last night. It was definitely fun watching it with both Tina and Laura because we are all huge fans of the books. And it's just fun when we are together. Laura and I were laughing at Bella's bad acting and Jasper's pained look. Tina yelled at us a lot, saying "You are ruining this for me!" I got all giddy when half-naked Jacob came on screen, and Laura laughed at my goofy expressions. Tina asked "Where's Edward?" a lot and "Is Jacob going to be naked in the whole movie?" I had to remind her that was part of the book. Garsh. So all in all, it was a great movie watching experience.

I wouldn't say New Moon is the best movie in the world. But I really loved it. It followed the book fairly closely. Taylor Lautner is awesome as Jacob Black. I am Team Jacob all the way, baby.


Here are my top ten likes:
10. The effects are so much better this time around.
9. Aro and Jane
8. Bella and Jacob's banter about whom is older (It was in the book. So cute!)
7. Jacob climbing up to Bella's window (Hotness!)
6. The scene where Bella first saw Jacob turn into a werewolf (Awesome!)
5. Mike and Jacob with their palm up in the theater (Haha!)
4. Bella looks really pretty in this movie!
3. Werewolf Jacob
2. Almost-kisses between Bella and Jacob (Sigh.)
1. Half-naked Jacob (for obvious reasons)

Here are my top ten dislikes:
10. Half-naked Jacob (Makes me feel like a dirty dirty old woman.)
9. Bella and Jacob carrying on a normal conversation immediately after Bella friggin' jumped off a cliff! I'd be like "What the hell were you doing, you stupid stupid girl!?"
8. Mike and Jessica (for obvious reasons)
7. Bella telling Jacob that he's buff (Totally forced.)
6. Edward floating in the water next to Bella (Just weird.)
5. Bella and Edward kissing (Horny Bella. Nuff' said.)
4. "Pain." - said by Jane (Why?!)
3. Bella acting the same in every situation - a lot of huffing and puffing. I don't get it.
2. Bella's orgasmic reactions whenever she sees visions of Edward (Get a room!)
1. Bella screaming into her pillow in her sleep - she did it like five times! (Horrible acting.)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This Is for My Homies

Tina and I have two best friends who happen to be cousins--Chris and Vanessa. We've known them since high school. So that would be about fifteen years of happy times. We four were the core. Boyfriends would come and go (and eventually stay and join the group), but the four of us stuck together.

We all went to different colleges. So we made sure to tear it up the summer before. We went everywhere together and had a blast. Like all good things, summer came to an end. Tears were shed. Good-byes were reluctantly said. Then off to college we went. It was hard to keep in touch during school. We were all so busy trying to make friends and to have the full college experience. We saw each other during breaks of course. But they were never long enough.

The early years with Vanessa and Chris were great. But they can't compare to when we all finally came back home! That was the f*$%ing best! Reunited and it feels so good.

The most important thing was...we were legal, baby! Meaning drinking, lots of drinking. But also lots of trips. Because we had money. We were no longer kids and could do whatever we wanted. It was awesome!

We were a really tight group (and still are). Chris even came up with a name for us. It was more of a joke but kinda stuck for several years there. I remember exactly when and how we got our name. We were making fun of Huz's brother and how his group of friends had a name...Cru Luv. Haha. Awesome, isn't it? We had a few laughs at their expense. What? Did they think they were a gang?? Haha.

Then of course we had to have a name for ourselves too! I remember we were swimming in my mom's pool that day. Chris made it up while we were stewing in the hot tub. Our name became Aznsoup. Back then Asians added "Azn" in front of everything. So the name was pretty much perfect.

Soon Tina started having babies, then Vanessa moved to New York, and then Chris and I started grad school. Gone were the days of constant boozing, late nights, and sleepovers. But there was one thing we could count on. That we always came together during the holidays.

However, this year, Vanessa moved thousands of miles away to Hawaii. And because of her, we have to break our tradition. =( Each year for the past seven years, we held a potluck Christmas dinner where we exchanged pollyanna gifts. But for our pollyanna, we had to make our gifts. After all that practice, we had gotten really good at it. We've made ornaments, magnets, artwork, and candles, just to name a few. They were actually really impressive. We are freakin' talented!

Sadly, we won't be doing it this year. Vanessa has forever ruined Christmas 2009 for Aznsoup!!! Wahhh!

But we still love her. =p

Typographic Compositions

So in Typography, I had to take either a poem or a song and take the display text, the body text, and an icon that I could create to go with the song/poem and create 3 compositions. In the first composition, I had to made the icon the most prominent thing. In the second, the display text was the be the most prominent. And in the third, the body text. Of course, I chose a children's poem.

We were allowed to choose any typeface for the display text and for the body text we were only allowed to choose Garamond, Bodoni, Futura, Univers, Meta, or Optima. I chose American Typewriter for my display text because it's very childish and bold. I chose Univers for my body text because it had a nice rhythmic quality that really expressed my poem the best. I illustrated everything myself. I used Adobe Illustrator for all of them.

Someone in class said that they recognized my pieces right away. My teacher described these compositions as "Vintage Laura designs: cute, intellegent, and clean!" That really made my day. My teacher said I should write and illustrate children's books, and I was totally excited because that's what I dream to do!

I got an A! :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You Know What I Mean?!

I read or heard somewhere that people communicate more effectively with strangers than with close friends because, with close friends, people say fewer words to express themselves or don't feel like they have to explain themselves.

My sisters and I are a prime example. We are the worst communicators on the planet. We just assume we all have telepathic abilities, and, when a thought enters into one of our minds, it goes into all. We have found out, on more than one occasion, that that just isn't the case. But we never ever learn our lesson. I don't think we ever will.

However, I do have to admit that sometimes Tina or Laura just have to give me a look, and I totally know what they are saying. That happened this past weekend. Laura looked at me, and I just said "I know." She tried to say more, but it wasn't necessary. Booyah. Yes, I am THAT good.

However, other times, I would stare and stare at them, and they wouldn't friggin' get my message! My mind is saying "Look at me. Understand me now! Why aren't you looking at me goddamnit?" Then later I'll yell at them for not listening!

In the same vain, a lot of times, important information is withheld for whatever reason from one sister...usually Laura. Hehe. Tina and I just assume she knows. Or that the other twin has told her. Or if I tell Tina something, that information will somehow find its way to Laura. However, sometimes it doesn't find its way to Laura. And then Laura is sad.

Last summer, we decided to go to Atlantic City to shop and gamble. Yes, I realize Laura is underage, which is why Tina and I discussed that we should all dress up. Particularly Laura so she could look a little older. Well, she didn't bring a change of clothes! She of course picked an outfit that made her look even younger. Why didn't she know? She kept crying that no one tells her stuff. Boo freakity hoo.

I refuse to admit it is in any way shape or form my fault. We are all victims here. Victims of circumstance. Right? Right? If we communicated effectively, then we might as well be strangers. Strangers!

Okay, fine. Perhaps we should try communicating better. But but but...why can't they just read my mind? It's not that hard. Argh! So frustrating...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Laura's Love Letter

Whenever my friends and I visit each others' rooms, we like to make the visitors create something for us to put up on our walls. Usually we draw each other things or cut out a snowflake, but this time I thought I'd do something different. Instead, I wrote her a love letter. I thought it was pretty silly and wasn't bad considering I wrote it on paper and wasn't able to backspace.


To the love of my life,

My day is gray and cloudy
so sad and empty 'til I
hear my love; she's so rowdy.
I love your beautiful hair.
At your face, forever I can stare.
Oh, Kirsten, how I love thee.
I stare at thee whilst thou watches Glee.
Your beautiful lips of rose petal red.
I stroke thou lips whilst thou in bed.
Oh, Kirsten, how I love thee.
I only wish thou would notice me.
Her wondrous blue-green eyes that sparkle.
I passionately sketch them in charc(-o)le.
I leave traces of my hair in her food.
Doing this lightens my mood
knowing that a part of me
is inside thee
used as protein
for thou energy.
Oh, Kirsten, how I love thee.

With Obsession,
You Secret Admirer xoxo

White Elephant

Every year, my department hosts a holiday dinner where everyone joins in a pollyanna exchange. However, we do the white elephant version where participants can steal gifts from others. I had never done a white elephant exchange before I started working at my firm. So my first year, I bought a french press--nothing too impressive. Actually, only one of my co-workers had participated in white elephant exchanges before. Turns out that gag gifts are a regular part of it. Everyone brought regular gifts like me. But that one guy bought a gag gift. And our boss ended up with it, a men's jewelry box. Haha. It was hilarious because no one would steal it from him and he kept complaining all night, in a half joking half serious way.

Now a lot of people join in on the gag part of the pollyanna. But I don't. It's too much pressure. What if my gift just isn't funny? What if the wrong person gets my gift? Too many things can go wrong. So year after year I've stuck with the regular gifts, for example, a sake set. Then last year I got a gift that I thought was totally normal. I didn't know it'll turn out to be a joke later. =p I bought a shower radio. Sounds normal, right? People like shower radios, right? Okay, so I didn't think it through.

Anyway, while picking their gifts, people were discussing and guessing who bought the best gag gift and the best normal gift. Suddenly, my boss turned to me and said that he thought my gift would be the best gift. What? Why me? I thought of my dinky shower radio sitting there in the pile. Oh, great.

Then of course, he ended up picking my gift, not realizing it was mine. Several people at the table were Jewish, including my boss. And I friggin' wrapped my gift in Santa Claus wrapping. He of course didn't pass the chance to make fun of that. How politically incorrect of me. Whoops.

Then he opened it...probably fully believing that my gift was going to be awesome. He looked at it and was like "WTF, a shower radio. Really?" That happened last year, and I still haven't heard the end of it. Although he has admitted that he uses it every morning. I tried to get him to admit that my gift changed his life, but he won't. Tehe.

Now it's that time of year again. And the pressure is on! I don't know what to get this year. Help! I want to redeem myself. I thought of getting a gag gift. I was at Urban Outfitters yesterday and saw a board game called Kosherland. Could be funny...or could be very offensive. I was thinking of getting a bubble gum machine too. I think that'll be cute. I could see that in people's offices or at their desk. I don't know. But I gotta get something good.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Lady Gaga's Monster Ball

I saw Lady Gaga in concert, and it was...interesting. Actually that's an understatement. She is a pretty peculiar woman. Her style is famously unique. As are her music, videos, and performances...and what I learned that night, her fans.

I went with my co-worker and asked her what I should wear to the concert. She wasn't planning on wearing anything special. Because we were going straight from work, she said she was going to wear whatever she wore to work that day. So I did the same.

Boy, did I ever feel out of place! We realized our mistake once we got to the venue. We saw young girls all hooched out. They were wearing super short skirts with 5-inch heels. We saw lots of sequence, skin tight dresses, and teeny tiny shorts all night. Never mind that it was the middle of winter.

Then picture me. In my long sleeve blue cardigan, scarf, black tights and uggs. Add that to the fact that we were more mature when most of the audience. Okay, older! You happy? People probably thought I took a wrong turn on my way to a teacher's conference. (No offense, Tina.)

The concert started at 7:30p, but Lady Gaga didn't come out until 9:45p. So I did a lot of people watching. Our seats were right by the entrance and the walkway where we could see everyone coming and going. I have to say, that was the best part. We also saw girls dressed like Lady Gaga. The whole nine. Someone actually wore the red lace dress that Lady Gaga wore to the VMAs. That was impressive. There were also platinum blond wigs, sunglasses, body suits...and tiny hats! I secretly wished I had one. Why didn't I think of that!?

The show finally started, and there was a whole lot of screaming going on. I almost went deaf. The show was definitely entertaining. She didn't lip sync, which is commendable since the days of Britney Spears and Ashley Simpson. And she even danced the entire time. Her transitions between songs and outfit changes were again interesting. At one time, a video of her was projected on the stage. In the video, she was posing in a beautiful gown. Next to her was a girl vomiting all over her. They kept replaying it, and it made me want to vomit. Ack.

Besides the gag reflex, I was dancing and having a good time. Then I noticed a guy dancing right next to me. He was a tall black guy in heels, a body suit, tiny shorts, and fish net stockings. He didn't hold anything back! He was dancing to the left and then to the right. He went down and then up. He did kicks and almost friggin' kicked me in the face. His high-heel boot was literally a couple inches from my face. He was an amazing dancer though. I had to force myself to look away and actually watch the show.

I forgot to bring my camera. I only had my blackberry. This is the best picture I could get. =p

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanks and Slaps

I do not have a post in mind.
So instead I'm going to rhyme
And tell you what you've missed.
Read on and do not resist.

I gave many thanks and slaps last week
while eating a bird minus the beak.
Hours before I was cooking away,
The meal was soon over to my dismay.

Next was shopping on a black night.
We continued on until it was light.
I purchased a pretty Kate Spade tote,
And Tina bought a J. Crew coat.

We started off with steps full of spring.
Then poor lil' Laura didn't get a thing.
By the end, I wobbled, and Laura did weep.
Huz woke up when I went to sleep.

Then movies, leftovers, shopping, and more fun.
Before I knew it, the weekend was done.
Sunday I flew to Austin for work.
At least I got room service as a perk.

I also got pumpkin lattes with foam.
But I still couldn't wait to get home.
But the airline canceled my late flight.
And I was miserable because of my plight.

I was exhausted and in a haze.
I missed a bunch of work in those three days.
So I've been toiling away to catch up,
Drinking coffee cup after cup.

But I did take a break to watch Top Chef.
Fortunately, my favorite chefs are left!
Lots to blog about but no words are down.
Please forgive me, I've been out of town.

I'll try not to be away again for so long.
Hopefully this makes up for the wrong.
See now there's a post that's new!
Lots of love from this blog to you.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Logo Designs!

So this was the super hard assignment I was talking about a few post earlier. I had to take a horoscope sign and a sign from the Chinese zodiac to create a business name. I took the libra from the horoscope and a rabbit from the Chinese zodiac and create Noble Bunny. Then I was to use this name and turn it into 4 possible companies. Then create 5 b/w logos for each of these companies and choose 1 of the best ones to turn into color. We had to make an identity for each of these companies and a company scale. Our goal was to depict the scale and style of each company in our logos.

Noble Bunny Music Productions

Noble Bunny Bar & Club

Noble Bunny Toddler Toy Company

Noble Bunny Pet Services (Don't ask me what they do.)
Well, these were seriously the hardest thing I've ever worked on. I've never worked on logos before.

I got a solid A+ on this assignment. My professor announced that if anyone got an A then they really deserved it because he graded very hard and mostly everyone got Bs. He told me personally that my designs were almost perfect and that I really am getting how to simplify designs, which is what designers have most trouble with. He said I really captured the identity of my companies and that this work is definitely top 3 of both his classes! Eek!

I hold these designs dearest to my heart because I put my heart and soul into them as well as blood and sweat. Mmm.. don't you just love the visual.