Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Blog!

This blog turned one year old today! Okay, I lied. One year and a day. I totally forgot to blog yesterday. Tehe.

Let's take a look back. One year and a day ago, I had the crazy idea to start a blog with Tina and Laura. They reluctantly agreed with much trepidation. We didn't know much about blogging actually. We were blogging noobies! There was a handful of blogs I followed. And thought it would be fun if we had a blog to call our very own. We can't believe we've reached our blog anniversary. And people, real people, actually read this blog...and did us the kindness of becoming followers. This is where I say thanks. Thanks!

Anyway, you know TV shows that run out of new ideas and just play clips of old episodes. And it's really annoying because they try to pass it off as new. Well, that's exactly what I'm going to do right now! For our new followers, it'll be like new! Am I right??

Here are a few things you may not know about the 3 Sisters:

The 3 Sisters celebrated another big day on this blog.

The Hunger Games is one of the 3 Sisters' favorite book.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is one of the 3 Sisters' favorite movie.

Tina's daughters, Carmen and Rachel, are a huge part of the 3 Sisters' lives. Carmen is only seven years old but is already an aspiring artist. Check out her artwork. Rachel, on the other hand, is a very mischievous little four-year-old who likes to say it like it is. Read stories about these two silly girls.

Tara doesn't have any kids, but it doesn't mean people don't bug her about it. Read about it here.

Laura is the baby of the family and went off to college last year. Tara wrote her a letter, and Laura sent a response.

Laura is an art and graphic design major. See some of her earlier works here and here.

Tara met a celebrity that she loves telling people all about.

See...that was better than a clip show, right? No? No? I promise I'll have a new post for tomorrow. =)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Freakishly Strong

I wasn't made a tiny fragile girlie girl. Even at a young age, my father didn't handle me with care but rather expected me to handle my own. Being the oldest of my family, I was naturally the one my parents turned to help them carry groceries in the house or move large plants inside, then outside, then inside, then outside (you get the idea). So I guess my muscles started developing from all that heavy lifting cuz I gotz me some guns.

I was freakishly strong even back then. I'll always remember this one incident when I was about 8 or 9. At summer camp, we were outside playing, and I guess a few of us girls didn't hear the teachers calling us inside. When we got to the doors, we saw that a few mischievous boys had them barricaded from the inside. The girls were trying to push them open, but they wouldn't budge. I told the girls to back up, and tiny little me pushed the doors with all my might. The doors swung open, and the boys stepped back in surprise and even awe. I swear to God that this is a true story. At least how I remember it. Tehe.

Even Huz is amazed at times. Once in a while, he would randomly comment, "You're strong." It makes me laugh every time. He also asks me to open jars for him all the time. I suspect, just for kicks. I'm his official jar opener!

Along with my strength, I am a brute and am clumsy as hell. Not a great combination. I break things. I'm a disaster area. Imagine the Hulk in a tiny house. Or Hagrid using China at every meal. That's me!

I don't do delicate. I don't handle anything with care.

I even broke a dish today. Huz didn't even react. It's like a part of our daily lives! Haha. He saw what I did. Then he calmly asked me "Why'd you do that?" I responded, "Oh, ya know. I like to break things once in a while. Keeps things interesting." What did he think I was going to say? He likes to ask rhetorical questions just for fun. =p

Our dish set is now incomplete because of me. =( Whoops.

But Huz can't blame me. It's just the way I am. He knows that. So really, it's all his fault that dish is broken. He shouldn't let me near things that can break. Duh.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My First Creative Writing Assignment

So as you all don't know, I was thinking of being a Creative Writing minor. Well, this semester I took my first Creative Writing class of my minor and I'm already thinking that Creative Writing just isn't me anymore. I was so into it in high school, but something happened because I definitely have lost my skill and interest. I want to write children's books goddamn it! Can't there be a children's book writing class?!

Well our first assignment was to write a poem or short story inspired by the readings we did in class. I hate writing poems. But we have to write half poems and half stories in this class so I figured I'll get the damn poem out of the way first. I really wasn't feeling in the poem writing mood so I asked my friends to inspire me. They jokingly told me to write about a random inanimate object and describe it in great, whimsical details. We had a good laugh. But when I got to my laptop, I couldn't get it out of my head. So I figured, f&%# it. I'll do it.

So here is my first poem of all the horrible poems that are to come. And I refuse to write a sappy love poem. Who do I look like?! Tara?! HAH!

Ode to a Fork

Gleaming silver curving with grace
Oh, my four-pronged companion, how you know my embrace
Like a familiar friend, I grasp you by your stem
You are as precious to me as a rare gem
You expunge all my troubles away by the bite
With each mouthful, I know it will all be alright
Old chum, how I do enjoy when we bond
But I only wish when I confide in you, you'd respond

I just hope I don't get an F...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lawyer Hating on Lawyer Shows

When I watch TV shows about lawyers, I yell at the TV a lot. Sometimes, they are just blatantly inaccurate. Come on! That's just laziness. I don't know why I get worked up. Maybe I like to think I know something about something. That my law degree makes me an expert...even though it absolutely does not.

I watched the season premiere of The Deep End, which is about first year associates at a big law firm. I wanted to check it out because I heard it was like Grey's Anatomy but with lawyers. Within the first few minutes, I was screaming at the TV. Huz started looking at me funny.

The show is ridiculous and not based on reality. In the first week, these newbie lawyers were on a first name basis with the named partners at the firm and were already entrusted with big clients. I'm sorry, but that would never happen. This one guy was in a courtroom with his own case by week two. He knew exactly what he was doing and didn't even sh*t his pants. Now that would be more accurate.

These young attorneys worked all day and night long, which is fine. However, when I am watching the show, I have no idea what time it is. Sometimes, in the middle of the work day, they'd go to a bar that happened to have a pool (totally random) and would throw back a shot. Wha!?! This one girl had to file a brief at the courthouse. And I swear she filed the brief at night. That is impossible because courts are not open 24 hours. That doesn't make any sense.

I understand that this is supposed to be entertainment. But I gotta hate on The Deep End. It's just wrong...this is coming from a lawyer who knows her sh*t!

Disclaimer: I don't know sh*t.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Discovered Yet Another Reason to Sit on My Ass

I haven't blogged about TV in a long while. So here I present a TV blog post! Yay!

I found a new TV show that I really like. Cougar Town. Wait! Give it a chance. It is a cross between Friends and Scrubs. But I mean Scrubs in the old days when it was actually funny. Cougar Town is created by Bill Lawrence, the same guy who created Scrubs. So not surprisingly, the main character played by Courtney Cox is quirky as hell. And I love that.

Okay, I have to make a confession. I discovered this show when I happened upon an episode with Scott Foley (Noel from Felicity). He is so friggin' cute. Note that both him and Courtney Cox were guest stars on Scrubs. It's all very incestuous. So the cutie patootie reeled me in. And then I found out he was only guest starring. Boo! It was too late though because by then I had already fallen in love with the show.

Cougar Town is about a 40-something woman who finds herself divorced and back on the market. She often dates men younger than her, hence the name of the show. Even though men and boys alike walk in and out of her life, she has a core group of friends that really make the show special. They are like one big crazy family.

Good for Courtney Cox! She found life after Friends. Her other projects didn't do so well. Ahem...Dirt. I friggin' hated those commercials. Ugh. She has to stick with funny, which she is obviously good at. And neurotic...she's good at that too.

Take my word for it and check out Cougar Town!

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Mysteries of the "Playdate"

I was a city girl for the better part of my life, but then I got married and had kids. Suburban life was inevitable. Now that I'm a suburban mom, I am perplexed by the unspoken rules of the "playdate." Ever since I got a call from a complete stranger telling me she's the mother of so and so and her daughter would like a playdate with Carmen, I have been submerged into this business of playdates. The neighborhood schools even enable parents to initiate these playdates by creating "playdate-friendly" school phone books that have students' names, parents' names, phone numbers, and addresses all listed according to grade and teacher.

Playdates do have its advantages. I can actually catch up on my "Grey's Anatomy," while Carmen is playing with her friend and Rachel is trying to move in on that playdate. But I'm not that kind of parent who's trying to fill their child's every waking hour. For the most part, it's other parents who call me to set up playdates. And that brings up another issue of whether I have to call back to be polite to initiate the next playdate. My biggest issue is when a complete and total stranger invites my daughter to their house for a couple hours. Am I suppose to be okay with that? Admittedly I have done it. How do you say "no" or even awkwardly ask if you can attend this said playdate? The weirdest was when a divorced dad was sitting in my living room with me while Carmen and his son were playing in the basement. Stranger moms can be a little awkward, but stranger that's just too much.

Well, this weekend I came upon another drawback of "playdates." It's all well and good, until Carmen says, "There is no way I'm hanging out with her." She said this with a lot of flourish and some hand gesturing. Here's the story: I get a call this weekend, and it's icky Bella from the bus. She put her foot on Carmen's coat, and Carmen has disliked her ever since. What to do?!? I'm wishing my husband didn't pick up the phone. I politely tell her I'll call her back and panic as soon as I hang up. I tried to get out of it by saying we were going out for the day, but she politely responded any time would be okay. My husband and I, the cowards that we are, told Carmen to tell Bella that she wasn't able to have a playdate and her reason was, "I don't know. My dad said so." We tried to be as vague as possible because Carmen, the sweetheart that she is, did not want to tell her a boldface lie. Carmen even suggested she just tell her that she did not want to have a playdate with her. But this girl seemed the clingy and jealous type, and I didn't want to make her an enemy. End solution: avoid her calls 'til kingdom come.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Love Zombies!

Hi, my name is Tina and I love Zombie movies! I tell people that and they just nod their head in mock appreciation. It's my guilty pleasure! You have to appreciate the zombies' relentlessness and stoic behavior as they bite a person's face off. The scariest thing about them is their combination of instincts and nonchalance. All they want to do is eat you and they don't care if you're shooting their limbs off one by one. Make one mistake and a zombie will be on top of you. It's scary just thinking about it.

When I watch a zombie movie, what I'm interested in is how one becomes a zombie. For instance in 28 Days Later, if a zombie gets its fluids in an orifice like your eye or a wound, you're a goner. In Dawn of the Dead, after you are bitten by a zombie, you will become one, but only after you die. I believe for Resident Evil you'll become a zombie immediately after being bitten.

As for the most recent zombie movie, Zombieland, it brings up the debate of slow verses fast-moving zombies. I have to admit that a zombie chasing after you is awfully freaky. But I myself think zombies should stay slow because it's just plain creepy and shouldn't they be brain dead? It just makes sense. A good zombie movie is like a good vampire movie, it has rules that everybody has to live or die by.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Little Mannequins

I think my girls are so special and unique and just plain awesome. Well, of course I do. They're my daughters! Today I took them to the mall and was shopping at H&M (my fave store). Anyway, of course they got bored. So they started posing with the mannequins at the storefront. They were having so much fun, and people were looking at them from outside the store. What's so amazing is that they're so silly, funny and not afraid of it. They just laughed along. Then they would change poses or switch places. No way was I going to stop them. It was too much fun watching.

I remember myself as a shy girl and a closet clown...that means I was only silly and crazy at home, but not in public. It was not until I met one of my best friends in high school, who taught me it's okay to make a fool of yourself. Maybe I was brought up to act "appropriately" in public and maybe girls were just more prim and proper back then, but if I teach my daughters anything, it'll be to just be yourself and to be proud of it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

My Tat

Many of you may not know this. But I'm a badass.

Okay, stop laughing. Geez. So I'm not really a badass...which probably explains why people are shocked when I tell them I have a tattoo. First, I'm offended. I'm not as prim and proper as you might think, asshole! Then, I'm confused. I don't get that. Why do you have to be a type of person to have a tattoo? Tattoos are another way for people to express themselves. It's not just for rockers, bikers, and gang bangers.

So now you might be wondering what made me get a tattoo. I was 25 and in law school. I felt like I was in a funk. All I did was go to class and study (and watched more TV than you can ever imagine). My life was not very exciting. I always wanted a tattoo but didn't have the guts to do it. Finally, one day, I decided it was time. I told Huz, and he was totally against it. But I didn't care. I dragged a friend (a fellow tattooed dude) to go with me.

I wasn't sure what to get. I was thinking maybe a cute tiny red heart. Then at the tattoo parlor, I had a "Eureka!" moment. I saw my last name in Chinese. At the time, Chinese characters were everywhere. But this was different. It meant something to me. Tina and I talked about getting a tattoo like that for years. Then she had babies and had better things to think about.

After I picked my tattoo design and placement (left-side, lower back), it was time to go under the needle. I was a big wuss about it. I'm not gonna lie. Before the tattoo artist started, I told him to give me a warning beforehand. He was behind me, so I had no idea what he was doing. So I asked him about five times "Are you starting yet? Tell me, okay?"

Then the needle buzzed. And I felt like my back was on fire. Like someone was using a blow torch on my back, and I let him f%&king do it. But it was over before I knew it. When he told me it was done, I couldn't believe how quick it was. I turned to him and exclaimed, "I like you." His response was "I wasn't sure you were going to make it." Haha! Touche.

Now I have a tattoo that I love. However, the meaning of it changed for me over time. If that makes any sense. It's true that, when I first got it, it symbolized that I was still young, care-free, and a rebel. But now, it represents who I am. That I won't change even if my last name does. Read my earlier post on my feelings about my last name.

Now I've grown up and am working. But I have this tiny secret hidden under my fancy suit, panty hose, and neatly combed hair.

My tat does make me feel a little badass.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Foul Mouth

I curse. A lot. I know you're thinking what's the big deal? Everyone curses. But I never used to be this way. Actually, I was the total opposite when I was younger. I never cursed. It was untoward. It was vulgar. And I was definitely not those things. (Not sure about now though.) I didn't even say the s-word. Yes, I was a weirdo.

I remember back in college when my male friends cursed up a storm. I actually corrected them. I would say, "Instead of saying sh%t, say shoot" or "use the word fudge rather than the f-word." I can't believe they didn't dump me right then and there. They (God love them) were really patient with me and actually humored me some of the time. Those beautiful bastards. If I were them, I'd slap myself.

Then after college, I worked in a male-dominated field and was surrounded by men every day. That was when my innocent mind was corrupted. I tried not to succumb and didn't even start picking it up right away. It was after hearing "f&#k this" and "f$% that" for a year that I finally took on the habit.

Honestly, I'm really not that bad. But once in a while, cursing feels f%$king good. I got a lot of pent up anger in me, and I need to let it out. Or someone will get hurt. My foul mouth saves lives, people!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

That's What She Said

A simple one line-joke that keeps on giving.

You can be talking about something completely innocuous, and a strategically inserted "That's what she said" makes it hilarious. Yes, I am very mature. I still chuckle every time Michael Scott says it on The Office. It never gets old.

Although I appreciate a good one, I don't pay enough attention or my mind just isn't dirty enough to remember to say the damn line at just the right moment. But I have to say Huz is really good at it. (And so is his cuz.) He never misses a chance when I say, "it's hard." Yeah, that's a giveaway. But sometimes he gets some good ones.

Like recently one was beyond epic!

While I was away on vacation, my mother-in-law came over to give Huz food. She made this cold beef dish for him. When I came back, Huz kept trying to get me to eat it. For a couple days at every meal time, he would insist I eat some. Finally, I yelled, "Why are you shoving that meat down my throat?!?"

The next second, I heard "That's what she said!" Then I saw Huz with the biggest smile on his face. That bastard was so proud of himself. But I had to give it to him. I couldn't stop laughing. Haha! That was awesome!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Bad Wifey Bad

Huz's birthday is tomorrow, and it just occurred to me today that I have to get him something. I friggin' suck. It's true that he told me not to get him anything this year. But but...I can't really do that, can I? The really bad part about this is not the fact that I will be empty handed tomorrow but rather the fact that I didn't even friggin' think of it until today.

What the hell happened to me? I used to be so good at birthdays. But fast forward through ten years of dating and two years of marriage, not so much anymore. Even a few years ago, I would have planned to make a really nice dinner with at least three courses. The present would have been tucked away somewhere for a couple months already, wrapped and ready to be opened. Instead, this year, no present, no dinner plans, nada. I didn't even think of the cake?!?! If you knew me, you'd know how important cake is to me on birthdays. Basically, the cake makes the birthday. I think it all stems from my childhood when all I got on my birthday was cake. And I even had to share mine with Tina. =p But I digress.

I had a day off today and went with Tina to Target. I was hoping I'll find something awesome for Huz there. Surprisingly, it turned up nothing. I don't know what I was expecting to find. Toothpaste? Socks? Beef jerky? Tempting...but no.

When I got home, I quickly confessed to Huz that I didn't have a present for him. He of course didn't care. But I care. Well, apparently, not enough to go to the mall and pick something up today. Tehe. Hey, I already admitted that I am a bad wifey.

Then I asked Huz what he wanted to do for dinner tomorrow, either dinner in or dinner out. But really, I didn't wanna cook. Not enough time to plan. No groceries. Too much effort. So when I asked, I made sure to make the me cooking option not so appealing. I asked Huz in the most excited voice I could muster, "So do you wanna go out to a nice restaurant for dinner somewhere awesome where we can eat awesome food, and it'll be totally awesome?" Then I changed my tone completely and said in my most unenthused voice, "Or do you rather me cook? But I'm not sure what to make. And I didn't buy any groceries yet. And I won't get home until late tomorrow, so basically we'll be eating a crappy meal at 10pm? Whaddya say?" He picked dinner out, of course. Booyah! I am not only a bad wife but also manipulative...and a little proud of it.

Of course, I couldn't forget the cake. I was definitely going to make the effort there. I was planning on baking it and discussed it with Huz. Then somehow birthday cake turned into birthday brownies. Less work for me! Don't mind that!

Damn, I really am a bad wife.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spiderman on a Segway (Complete Version)

Laura and I went to Orlando where life is a breeze.
Little did we know that our asses would freeze.
I left Huz behind, sick with fever.
Tina didn't wanna, but we had to leave her.

We had no hats or gloves against the chill
and ran to Walmart and came up with nil.
No matter, we layered with what we got
And pretended that we were somewhere hot.

We visited Universal and Disney by day.
At night we tried to avoid the buffet.
But one time we went to Golden Corral to eat.
And stuffed our faces with potatoes and meat.

The Cat and the Hat was our very first ride.
The place quickly let loose the kid inside.
We saw the Harry Potter ride in full swing.
But sadly, it won't be open 'til Spring.

We continued on and ended in Marvel town.
There you won't ever see Laura frown.
I saw Spiderman and Wolverine on ATVs.
Laura missed it and wasn't pleased.

I described them in not quite the right phrase.
Laura imagined her heroes riding segways.
We laughed to the point of tears at the thought.
Then the park closed, and we were overwrought.

The next day, we went to Disney's former MGM.
There I discovered a spectacular gem
Where real people auditioned and sang for our votes.
We loved the guy who cracked at the high notes.

He belted out Hercules' "Go the Distance"
At what they call the American Idol Experience.
Still my favorite show is Beauty and the Beast.
But Laura's favorite is turkey legs to feast.

Back at the condo, we watched the tube.
We also played battleship and rummikub
And snacked on apples covered in oreos.
We stayed up while our mommy dozed.

Lucky Laura was stuck with me for a week.
By the end, like me, she did speak.
She said my made-up phrases and funny words.
Now she can't deny she's one of the nerds.

It was fun, but I'm glad to be back.
But I gotta get my life on track.
This week I got back to working and jogging.
And of course, I can't forget blogging!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stranger on the Train

You know those people who meet people everywhere they go. Like in line at the coffee shop or the corner store. Or at the bus stop or supermarket. Well, I wish I could say I was one of those people. But I am definitely not. Sure, I smile and respond when a stranger says hello or makes a comment. I'm not rude. But this is how I see it. I am never going to see you again. I don't know you, and you don't know me. I already have enough friends who I don't even have enough time for, so what's the point, right?

This is particularly true when I travel. I am totally anti-social. I don't want to talk to anyone. I just want to catch up on my novel or listen to my ipod. I don't want to be bothered.

But for the first time, I regret my bad attitude.

Last night I was traveling home by Amtrak train with two of my co-workers. We sat at one of those four seaters that face each other. A young woman was sitting on the fourth seat, and we sat ourselves down in the three empty seats. After such a long day, we all wanted to enjoy a nice cold beer. The stranger overheard and wanted in. So for an hour or so, we were all drinking, talking, and having a good time. She told us all about herself--that she just broke up with her boyfriend and started a new job. My co-workers even tried to hook her up with someone we know from work. It was all in good fun. She even mentioned that she would hang out with us if we were ever back in her city. She was really cool and friendly.

It was just me and her chatting at the end because my co-workers got off an earlier stop. The whole time I was thinking whether I should ask for her contact information. Would it be completely pointless? Will anything really come out of it? Do I really want to pursue a friendship with this girl I just met?

Then my stop came, and we said our good-byes. I hopped off the train and immediately regretted that I didn't get her information. Ugh! I suck! Why can't I just be nice to a stranger? What is wrong with me?

I know her name though. It's Betsy. It was really nice knowing you, stranger on the train.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spiderman on a Segway (Draft)

Because I've been away for too long, I am gifting you with a song...okay, not really. I just wanted to rhyme there. Here is an awesome poem instead, about my adventures in the past couple weeks.


We rushed off to Orlando where life is a breeze.
Little did we know that our asses would freeze.
I didn't bring enough warm clothes--gloves or a hat.
Unfortunately, Walmart had already run out of that.

No matter, we layered with what we got
And pretended that we were somewhere hot.
We visited Universal and Disney by day.
At night we tried to avoid the buffet.

But one time we went to Golden Corral to eat.
And stuffed our faces with potatoes and meat.
Then back at our condo, we watched the tube.
We also played battleship and rummikub.

The Cat and the Hat was our very first ride.
Our faces lit up, freeing the tiny kid inside.
We continued on and ended in Marvel town.
There you won't ever see Laura frown.

I saw Spiderman and Wolverine on ATVs.
Laura missed it and wasn't pleased.
I described them in not quite the right phrase.
Laura imagined her heroes riding segways.

We laugh to the point of tears at the thought.
Then the park closed, and we were overwrought.
The next couple days was our turn at Disney.
I discovered a show that caused me much glee...

(to be continued...)


Sorry, can't finish now. Time for bed. But stay tuned for more and maybe even a twist at the end...okay, probably not.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Sing Off

I absolutely enjoyed The Sing Off. I did not know what the show was about, but it was on On Demand so I decided to try it during my holiday break. It sounds pretty lame especially when you hear that it's an A Cappella competition, but the competitors were surprisingly professional and modern. The A Cappella groups sang songs like "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz and "No One" by Alicia Keys. Remember, A Cappella means that they don't use instruments, so the groups have to use their voices to create all the sounds of a full-on band. You'll be amazed when you watch and listen. The show started off with eight groups, but by the fourth and last episode it was down to three groups. The three final groups consisted of "Beezlebubs," a group of fraternity-looking guys, "Nota," Latino-style group, and "The Voices of Lee," a co-ed group with a choir feel. "Nota" right off the bat was the top group to beat, but I thought the "Beezlebubs" were just cute and a lot of fun. The Sing Off already aired in December, but I'm sure they'll have one again next year. I guess you can always enjoy the performances online. If you like the show Glee, you might like The Sing Off.

The most surprising of all was that I loved loved loved the judges. Usually the "judging" of competitions is the most boring part and the judges themselves are so unlikeable. The judges comprised of Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls, Shawn Stockman of Boys II Men, and Ben Folds. I am now a new fan of Ben Folds. I think he comes off so cool and knowledgeable on the show and he's so musically talented. And he also reminds me of an American Austin Powers. As for Nicole Scherzinger, we already know she's beautiful and talented, but now we know she's also intelligent and capable. I was watching to see whether she'll trip up or get tongue-tied, or be at a lost for words, but that never happened. Her comments were thoughtful, kind, and her own. The final episode of the show was the best, because the judges got on stage and sang A Cappella too. It just reminds us of why these guys are the professionals and make the millions. You will never see Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, or Randy Jackson get up and sing, but we're suppose to believe they're the authorities. Please.

This post is dedicated the Tara and Laura, who are off on Vacation Land somewhere. I can say that I held down the fort. Go me!

Sunday, January 3, 2010