Friday, January 30, 2009

Veronica Mars (Complete Series)

I just finished watching all three seasons of Veronica Mars. It was probably people like me who got the show canceled. I should have tuned in when I had the chance. But alas, I can't change the past. However, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the three seasons straight through, and when I mean "straight through," I mean often times 5 to 7 episodes at a time. Yes, I was pretty obsessed. But for good reason.

VM is such a great show with witty dialogue and plots that just suck you in. I am still trying to convince Laura to watch. Laura, please watch!

I love each character and actor on VM, and like me, I bet you are wondering where they are now.
-Kristin Bell (Veronica Mars): After playing Veronica Mars, she went on to play Elle on Heroes--the electricity girl.
-Jason Dohring (Logan): He played a vampire on the short-lived Moon
light after Veronica Mars
-Chris Lowell (Piz): He is eye-candy for the hot doctors of Private Practice.
-Francis Capra (Weevil): He joined Kristin Bell on Heroes for a couple episodes as one of the villains who has a powerful voice. See the picture on the right--awesome, isn't it?

Big News on the VM front: I heard that there may be a Veronica Mars movie. Rob Thomas, the show's creator, confirmed this month that it's a go. All VM fans rejoice. Although we prefer the show come back, a movie will do.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Your blog is fascinating! I think i WILL watch Veronica Mars!