Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mucinex Warning

I've had this horrible disgusting phlegmy cough for three weeks. I got it from my husband who recovered in a couple days, and when it got to me, it turned into some sort of superbug. So I was finally fed up and bought mucinex. If my mucus could walk and talk, I guess it'll look a little like the guy pictured on the right--yucky and slimey. So I was ready to get him out.

When I bought Mucinex DM at CVS, I got a warning with my receipt--"Must be 18 or older to purchase. Teens abuse drugs with dextromethorphan." or something to that affect. I took it the next day and swore that I felt a little light headed and cloudy for several hours. How I described it all day was "woozy and fuzzy"--like I said, I was a little loopy that day. Before that the only symptom I had was the cough, and my cough did not get any better with the medicine.

So the question is whether it was all in my head. My husband thinks it was all psychological. Or it could be worse--I am the only sad person on earth who is affected by a little cough medicine. One thing is for sure I am not taking Mucinex again.

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