Thursday, June 3, 2010

The 3 Witches

Several years ago, I picked up the first book of Nora Roberts' Three Sisters Island Trilogy at a book warehouse sale.  The trilogy is about three witches whose ancestors created the island as their sanctuary.  However, through tradegy, these witches lost their way and each other.  The first book titled Dance upon the Air focused on the witch who had never been on the island but found herself drawn to it.  She was completely unaware of what she was and had never met the other two.  When she finally arrived on the island, the other two witches sensed it and knew instantly.  It was a feeling.  I imagined it like a shock wave...or like an electromagnetic pulse.  The pulse began when and where the witch stepped foot onto the island and then traveled outward until it touched the other two witches.

(This is just a tiny peek into my crazy head.  Scary, idn't?)

Ever since I read that book, I have always remembered that imaginary.  I already forget most of the storyline.  But I will never forget the fantastic vision of that moment when the third witch arrived on the island.  These witches...these sisters in arms finally felt complete.  Each was one part of a whole.

I think of my bond with my sisters in the same way.  They make me whole.  No matter where we are, we have that connection.  But it is only complete when we are together.

All three of us had our time away from home...away from each other.  Tina and I went away to separate colleges.  Tina moved out of state for a couple years in early 2000.  I almost went to law school in DC but decided against it.  The main reason was because I didn't want to miss any part of my sisters' lives.  I didn't want to miss Carmen and Rachel growing up.  I needed them.

Now Laura is in college, away from home. Whenever Laura comes home from college, I joke to her that I can sense when she enters the state's border.  I get that same imaginary.  The pulse.  I even have a sound effect for it.  Hehe.

And who knows where Laura will be after college. I imagine her as the witch in Dance upon the Air.  When Laura finally comes home, Tina and I will instantly feel her presence.  We will just know it.  Because she completes us.  She completes me.



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So sweet! I love it when sisters grow up to be best friends!

Laura said...

How sweet. Haha I want to hear the sounddd efffecccttt.

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Haha You're weird.

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I have an award for you on my blog!!!

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