Friday, June 19, 2009

Turtle Beach, Oahu, HI

Aloha! I'm back! Blog, oh, how I missed you. Did you miss me? I noticed there aren't many posts these past two weeks. Hmmm...certain sisters have been shirking their duties while I was gone. They will need a good talking to. Haha!

So my fun in the sun is over. Back to the grind, as my husband had said sadly a few times since being back. Hawaii was paradise. We stayed with friends in Waikiki on the island of Oahu. Waikiki is really cool because it is part city and part beach. So everything was easily accessible--food, shopping, public transportation, and the beach, of course. It was pretty much awesome every single day we were there. Some days, my husband and I would venture out on our own while our friends were at work. And during the weekend and one random Hawaiian holiday, they took us to all these cool places, which leads me to Turtle Beach.

I am a turtle person. I have a nine-year-old red ear slider at home. I had him since 2000 when he was really tiny (like 1 1/2 inches). His name is Wasabi although I just call him turtle. Hehe...I know, creative, right? Isn't Wasabi so cutie cute??

I love turtles, so my best friend knew I would love to go to Laniakea, which is also known as Turtle Beach. Green sea turtles go there to feed and bask in the sun. I didn't know what to expect. When we got there, I didn't see any turtles, just lots of people and what I thought were large rocks on the ground. When I got closer, I noticed a huge turtle just sitting there in the sand and then another one and another one. I also saw several swimming close to the shore. We went in the water and actually swam with them. It was so cool seeing them swimming right next to you and eating the algae on the rocks. They are so cool. See the pics below.


Tina said...

Hey, the turtles do look like rocks. I want to go to Hawaii now. And sorry about the blogless blog. We're glad to have you back! I'm sure that's what a lot of our readers are thinking. hehe.

Tara said...

"A lot of our readers" mean all two of them. Haha!

Vanessa said...

Oh good you didn't mention how I squealed loudly when one of them grazed me. I wasn't afraid, i just didn't want to break the law!!! Oh and remember the random turtle we saw for 10 seconds while snorkeling? That was cool too.