Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Up in 3D

I saw Up in 3D! I loved it! It made me laugh and cry all at the same time. This film is definitely a wonderful family film, that anyone would love.

I paid the extra $3 to watch the movie in 3D. It was worth it. Speaking as someone who gets motion sickness sometimes (I seriously almost puked when I saw Cloverfield in theater), I didn't feel a thing!

I don't even want to summarize the film! I started, but I stopped. I just think everyone should see the movie, so no one should need a summary. Just take my word for it, please!

My favorite part of the movie was the flashbacks of the main character, Mr.Fredricksen's, past. The majority of it was done with no dialogue and just had background music. As an artist and a storyteller, I love telling a story or part of a story with silent facial expressions or body language. (See Love Story of a Spoon post) I really appreciated the skill in which they showed so much more emotion with silent clips.

So go watch! I give it 4.2 stars!


Tara said...

I was wondering if you'll be posting when I am gone. =p So you just have two more posts to go. Muhahahaha!

I didn't realize that Up is kinda like Wall-E...without much dialogue and stuff. Hmmm...fine, I'll check it out. =)

Patrick Ho said...

ahahaha, why deduct 0.8pts?