Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool

I am not a prankster at all.  Not because I'm a killjoy.  I always enjoy a good prank when I am not the prankster or the prankee.  I rather just sit in the side lines.  Also, I am a really bad liar.  And I can't stand the guilt that comes with pranking.  Because evitably afterwards, I'll feel incredible guilt.  Even though I know it's harmless.  I can't help thinking that we are making a fool out of someone.

My friend from work. Not so much.  She claims she's the best liar.  Apparently she had to lie to her parents a lot growing up.  Haha.  So of course today being April Fool's Day, not two minutes after walking through the door, I get an email from her contemplating pranks on several possible victims.  As you can surmise, we didn't get much work done this morning.

I came up with a brillant plan to mess with a fellow associate.  We would tell him that the secretary overheard certain partners talking about transfering someone from our department to another department within the firm.  That the other department was getting really busy and needed more help.  And it was probably going to be one of us.  This change, if it were real, would have been a big deal.  We would tell him that we think it would be announced at the end of the day.  Then at 5pm, we would reveal the big joke.  She and I planned to go to his office together and tell him what we supposedly heard.

But my co-worker jumped the gun.  She called him about another matter and then at the end of that conversation said she had something really important to tell him.  He ended up going to her office, and she went ahead with the prank without me.  The really strange part was that, after he heard the news, he became all shady.  He said he had something to tell her after the partners made the announcement. 

What could it be??  What was going on??

She pressed him to tell her if he knew something.  But he said he'd tell her later.

Is he reverse pranking us??

But we decided to keep up with the joke.  She told me that it was my turn to go talk to him.  But I didn't want to!!  I didn't think I could pull it off.  Just blatantly lie like that.  I don't have a poker face.  It was just too much pressure.  But I sucked it up and went to his office...except he wasn't there.

A minute later, my co-worker called frantic, "He just went to the partner's office and asked him if he had a minute to talk.  And then he shut the door.  I am going to get in trouble for this."

What could he be talking to the partner about??  Oh, sh*t!

This is why I don't do this sort of thing!  But I figured he couldn't be that stupid to talk to a partner about this "rumor."  Right?  Finally he emerged from the partner's office and told us he wanted to talk. 

Then he told us the craziest news.  He quit.

OMG, is he reverse pranking us??  Did he quit because he didn't want to be transferred?  Holy sh*t.  What have we done?

So he was leaving the firm. Our prankee effing quit!  And he definitely wasn't joking.  So we confessed immediately to the April Fool's joke.  He was surprised and actually took it well.  Because it turns out he had planned to quit today anyway. Today of all days!  April Fool's Day. He almost gave us a heart attack.

Our prank totally backfired.  We didn't keep the joke going for very long.  At the time, it wasn't funny at all.  It gave us a lot of anxiety.  But in hindsight, it actually was pretty f**king funny.  So I'd say it was a good April Fool's.

You make anyone a fool today?  Or did you turn into the fool?

P.S. Huz's co-worker moved their manager's desk to the bathroom, and it was complete with internet and a working phone.  He was pissed.  He even looked at surveillance tapes just to find the culprit.  Haha.  Now they knew who did it.  And the manager's going to take that guy's favorite keyboard and put it in jello.  Awesome!

P.P.S. Google claimed that it changed their name to Topeka today.  What a bunch of jokers?  I wonder how many people fell for it.  Did you?

P.P.P.S.  A couple totally parked in our firm parking lot today for some daytime nookie!!  This man and woman drove in two separate cars and then got into her backseat.  Ewwww.  On a dare, someone from my office actually went out there to break it up.  Haha.  What is wrong with people??


Tina said...

I think I would've had a heart attack. I remember when I brought this fake spider to school. I made my friend scream. The problem was that we were right in front of the principal's office.

Tina said...

Oh yeah, love the header, but why is my bikini top so small? What are you trying to say?

Tara said...

We're one and the same, Tina. Except we are individuals! Your top is small because that was how it looked before. I changed the bottom green to blue skin. Hehe. It was more laziness than anything. And coincidentally it worked because you are flat as a friggin' board.

Miss Mayhem said...

Hahaha! I would've freaked! Today I scared my gullible sister twice, then got into a huge fight with my brother because he didn't want to listen to my music.

Google didn't fool me, I knew it was a trick. But my brother went to Google's blog and everything to prove it was real! Haha! What a sucker!

Laura said...

Haha that's funny. I didn't do anything except talk to Kel Mitchell from Kenan and Kel! :) All I could muster was "I liked you in Mystery Men." We got a picture.