Thursday, April 29, 2010

Insane Woman at BART

You get a poem, not a post,
Explaining why I've been a ghost
Fading in and fading out.
I'll tell you what that's all about.

It's a long story, I fear.
I've been everywhere but here.
Traveling from coast to coast,
I really had no time to post.

In San Fran, I practiced law,
deposed a man about what he saw.
Then, I engaged in odds and ends
And had a visit with some friends.

I rode the rails on BART's train,
and met a woman who was insane.
I did tons of shopping in Union Square,
And took some photos while I was there.

I came back to loads of work,
which caused me to be a jerk.
With my computer, I shut myself in.
After days, I became pale and thin.

I missed the warm light of day
and wanted to go out and play.
Alas, I was forever stuck indoors,
and it felt worse than doing chores.

Rejoice! I finally got a break.
I didn't know how long it'd take.
So we drove to visit Cuz in DC
And went to the usual spots to sightsee.

The trip helped improve my mood.
Cuz took us to eat Peruvian food.
We stood in line for some fro-yo.
Before we knew it, we had to go

The end filled me with much dread
Because I knew more work was ahead.
Just thinking about it makes me wince.
But it's no excuse for my absence.

So that was where I have been.
No excuse for Laura or my twin.
As Laura says, I've been a busy bee.
But back to blogging for the Sisters 3.


Laura said...

Lol I like it. It's funny because some of it can be cryptic but I got it because I know what happened.

What's Peruvian food and how was it? I like food.

Sarah P said...

You're back! You're bound to meet crazies on the BART. It's the way of the Bay.

Tara said...

Peruvian food is sooo good! It is food of Peru. I'll take you some time. =)