Thursday, April 22, 2010

Be Proud to be a Nerd!

So I'm finishing up a Southeast Asian Art History course this semester and we primarily learn about art in India. My teacher commented on something today that I thought was funny.

She said that when they translated Spiderman, the comic book, for India, they had to change the story line, because the Indian people weren't understanding why a boy that's so smart and studious could be an outcast. They changed Peter into a boy that came from the country and moved to the city.

I thought it was funny how society in schools today think people who slack off are so cool. I was actually thinking about this recently, because I know some people who dropped out of high school and are basically occupational potheads. And I've spoken to one of my friends recently and he was telling me careers he wants to pursue. This is not the first case of this that I've witnesses. It seems a lot of teenagers nowadays have this idea they can slack off now but in the future when they're good and ready to actually try in life, they can be successful at whatever they want to be.

Teenagers nowadays (and I can say that without including myself because I'm 20!) seem to have this general idea that things will just happen for them without work. And I'm really not saying this just because I think it, I see it.

There's this general lack of motivation in America that's kinda depressing.


Sarah P said...

Life will be harder on them than they are prepared to handle, unfortunately.

BigSis said...

Thankfully, at my school it was cool to be smart. I find myself telling my son how much money smart, successful people make. Kind of a sad motivator, but if it works, it's better than raising a slacker, right?

Cathy said...

Ugh. I hear ya. Entitlement-huge problem in the teenage/young adult group right now.

My husband loves Spiderman, I'll have to show him this post! At least the people of India know that being smart is cool!

Miss Mayhem said...

My parents are raising me so that I work to get what I want. I have to cat-sit for money if I want to buy something!

Tara said...

Sounds like our readers aren't slackers! =)

Indians got it right. Being nerdy is cool. But sounds like they have their own boy in the city? Haha.

Malou said...

Indians got it down right for sure.
I left an award for Tara on my blog!