Monday, May 3, 2010

Employees Must Wash Hands

There's a non-handwasher at work.  I run into her once in a while.  She'd be in a stall when I come into the bathroom.  And before I know it, she bolts out of there.  Without. Washing. Her. Hands.  At first, I thought I was mistaken.  Did I miss the running water?  Did she really leave without washing her hands?  After a few more chance encounters, I had no doubt in my mind.

My two co-workers and I were determined to find out the identity of the non-handwasher. Short of jumping out and going "AHA!" I didn't know how. She was a slippery one. The second I get into the stall, she runs out of there.

Finally, I got the perfect opportunity to catch her. I went to the bathroom and saw that another stall was occupied. As usual, she flushed and was on her way out. To her surprise, someone walks in at that moment. They exchange quick pleasantries, and the woman goes into the bathroom letting the non-handwasher escape. This was my opportunity. I had to ask her who she had just run into. I needed to know.  Luckily, I recognized my co-worker's shoes. When she came out of the stall, I excitedly asked her and got my answer! As you probably guessed, I was very proud of myself.  =)

Now we know the identity of the non-handwasher.  She is a temp at my office, probably in her early 20s.  She doesn't work in my department, but she sits on my side of the building on the same floor.  Now I know not to go near her or anything she touches.

This morning, she was in there again.  I knew it because she always uses the handicap stall, and no one else does.  But this time another person was in there too. She tried to make her escape, but the other person walked out of the stall at the exact same time.  Guess what happened!?!?

The non-handwasher was forced to wash her hands!!

In the afternoon, I had another encounter with her again. This time, I didn't hear any running water when she left. I mean, she obviously knows better. It's also obvious that she is embarrassed by her habit...considering she washed her hands when someone was in there.

I should put a sign up for her that says "Employees must wash hands." And tack it to the inside of the handicap stall.


wallflower said...

Haha this was funny.

Although I must say, I've always wondered why girls are always the ones who are always strictly warned to wash hands, and not the men?

Us girls only really touch toilet paper, while men may touch their weenies! And not even wipe or wash hands many of the time!

You should sneak into the men's room and see how they're doing. Haha.

Miss Mayhem said...

I'm with Wallflower, men should wash they're hands!

That's so gross how the girl at your work doesn't! Ewwww. I am so glad you put up that sign! You saved all the people in your building from getting germy!

Tina said...

Funny story and kinda disturbing. It's funny how she deliberately doesn't wash her hands and makes sure no one sees her.

Tara said...

I completely agree. Boys should wash their hands too. Weeny hands are a no-no.

Yeah, that girl was definitely trying to avoid getting caught. What a weirdo.

Laura said...

Oh. my. god. That is definitely my pet peeve also. I realized one of my close friends doesn't and sometimes she tries to hold my hand when we walk, but now I just avoid avoid avoid. Yes, I hold my friends' hand sometimes.

Vanessa said...

OMG.. does it really take that much time out of her day to WASH HER HANDS??!! Yeah put the sign up.. anonymously of course :oP

Gemma said...

Not washing your hands is rough, but I tend to get really annoyed when people use just water which is just as hopeless as not ashing them. FOAM UP PEOPLE!

There are a few non-washers at my work too, and I work in a hospital.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That's so weird and gross. I mean if she knows its not right (which obviously she does from being caught and washed them) then why is she skipping out when no one sees?? I think I'd call her out on it. We had a dude at my work place who didn't wash his hands and one of the other guys said something to him.

Anonymous said...

wow...sooo...this is what you do at work? wait in the bathroom all day to catch weirdo's and their habits. i mean, pretty cool solve and all but really???

i think huz's three hour coffee breaks have just been justified.


Tara said...

Cuz, all I read was "pretty cool solve." And my response is hellz yeah!!

Anonymous said...

What if she was ducking into the bathroom to take a nap and wasn't really doing her business?