Sunday, May 23, 2010

In One Ear and Out the Other

OMG, Huz just doesn't listen!  He drives me crazy!!

But to tell you the truth, he probably says the same thing about me.  I noticed recently that we are terrible at listening to each other.  I get really perturbed by this.  Okay, I guess sometimes I am kinda cryptic, but he should figure it out, right??  I mean, I give tons of clues.  Tehe.

Like today, I told him I had to pick my prescription up from the pharmacy and asked him to go with me. He asked which one?  I told him it was the CVS on my way home from work. I think I even told him what route it was on.  We also drive by that CVS all the time.  Then when we were in the car and heading there, he asked it's the one near your work, right? What??? Was he listening at all?? My work is more than 20 minutes away.  Why would I make him drive all the way there?  The CVS I was talking about is only 3 minutes away.  What the heck! 

Although when I thought about it later...I realized he was willing to drive 20 minutes to take me to the pharmacy.  And didn't really complain.  Awww...

But he still drives me nuts!!

This isn't the first time.  A couple weeks ago, I emailed Huz at work and asked him to stop at the supermarket for a few things.  I told him I was going to make dinner.  Here is the relevant part of the list, word for word:

- Sweet Italian sausage
- 2 green peppers or red if on sale
- 1 onion
- Italian bread loaf

Obviously, I was going to make Italian sausages and peppers.

Anyway, later that day, he called me from the supermarket and asked me if I wanted green peppers.  I said yes, I want two but get red peppers if they are on sale.  He said that they weren't on sale.  So I said okay, don't get them.  He said okay, I won't get them.

He came home...without any green peppers!  He said you only said to get them if they were on sale!  I said no, only get red if they were on sale.  Argh!  We go back and forth like that for a few minutes.  Then I exclaimed, "What the heck did you think I was going to make for dinner???"  He actually responded "I don't know!"  He is exasperating!  I made him go back to the store and get green peppers.

So I realize this turned into a post blaming Huz.  So here is another story where we were both equally at fault...or at least that's what I say. 

A few weeks ago, I planned on stopping at DSW after work and told Huz to meet me in that shopping center.  It is on his way home, so I thought we could go to dinner in that area.  I got to DSW earlier than him and was looking around.  Then I get a call from him.  He asked me if it was the DSW near Target.  I said yeah.  Then he asked on routes blah and blah?  I said yeah yeah.

He called me again and said he was at the Target and asked me where the DSW was.  I told him the DSW was on the other side.  After a few minutes of me trying to give him directions, we realized he was in a totally different shopping center.  I was like why don't you know where DSW is??  Haha.  I realize that's a stupid question...only we women would know where shoe stores are located.  But still!  He drives by there every friggin' day.  I asked him to meet me there because of that.  Why would he drive completely out of his way???  I don't get it.  Then of course, he started pointing the finger at me.  He said I asked you if it was on route blah and blah, and you said yes.  Well, I wasn't listening, okay??  The DSW was on some route, and I thought that's what he said.

Okay, so we are both guilty of not listening.  But I think it's more his fault than mine.  He didn't get all the clues I left for him.  And and and he's a stupid head!


Vanessa said...

I hear ya Tara. Wait.. what did you just say?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I don't think people are listening to me. The grocery list incident would have killed me lol.

Tara said...

Vanessa--Don't make me come over there!

Jennifer--Oh, I was pissed!!

Tina said...

There is someone I know who asks me questions feigning interest. I test him by just suddenly stop talking and he never notices. So aggravating!!! Don't ask if you don't even care!!!

Anonymous said...

In my defense, your list should have been:

List groceryList = new List;
if (redPeppers.OnSale) {
} else {

that would have been much more clear


Tina said...

Oh my God! Huz is such a loser! You should totally teach Tara to write shopping lists in java script. Is that what computer lingo is called?

Anonymous said...

insert additional programming instructions:

If wife.tone = "yell" then
exit sub
end if

(sorry, I don't know Java, only VB.)


Tara said...

So you are saying I should program my husband. I'll keep that in mind.