Saturday, May 1, 2010

So Opinionated

I spent a lovely day with Tina and her girls.  I haven't seen my nieces in weeks and gave them hugs that lasted a little longer than they preferred.  Tehe. It's always fun to hang out with them. They are both so weird and silly and of course say the darnedest things. 

Rachel, the 4-year-old, was particularly a hoot today

Because it was so nice out, we wanted to do stuff outdoors.  So we had a picnic at a park.  Then we went to a local shopping center.  After we left Old Navy, Rachel said, "I don't like outdoor malls."  Haha.  I didn't know a 4-year-old would have an opinion about that.

Recently, I've been obsessed with that show Life on the Discovery Channel.  I told Carmen all about it, so she had watched a few episodes.  She really wanted to watch it today.  Then Rachel said, "I don't like Life...I like Suite Life."  Then she added "Hello, Zack and Cody!"  She is, of course, referring to a TV show on the Disney Channel.


wallflower said...

Haha, cute.
What is the show Life about?

Laura said...

What the heck is Life?

Tara said...

Life is a show on the discovery channel, which is narrated by Oprah. Each episode shows different animals in nature and kinda tells their story. It's real neat. You should check it out.

Laura said...

Tells their story?

Lolll It's not like Meerkat Manor is it?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love that series! I watch the Discovery channel almost everyday.

Miss Mayhem said...

Awwww! She sure can make an opinion cute!

Vanessa said...

LIFE is awesome. I want that job of filming all of that footage.

I think Carmen and Rachel take after their mother and aunts. It's nice to know that weirdness and silliness run in the family :o)