Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Huz Reads This Blog

I don't know if that is a good thing or not.

When I first started this blog with Tina and Laura, I would demand that Huz read it.  It felt nice to have one reader.  So sue me.  Soon he called it homework.  Or was that me?  Haha.  Lately, I haven't really been pressing him to keep up with the blog  

Out of nowhere, yesterday he told me he was caught up on the blog and read this post.  After that, he said nanners any chance he got.

"What should I eat for breakfast?  Nanners?"  *snicker*

"Tara, we have to buy more nanners."  *giggle*

"Something about nanners.  NANNERS!"  *smirk*

That last one didn't even make any sense!!

Then today he announced that he was just going to say nanners randomly for no reason at all.  He is one evil sonofabitch!

He does this all the time!  He would learn about something that annoys me.  And then he would go out of his way to do just that.  Ahhh!  I could kill him if he wasn't so damn adorable.  He just loves to annoy me!  Haha!  He's all smug about it too.

Once I told Huz how I hated when I get really involved in the movie I'm watching, and someone tells me, "It's just a movie."  After that, without fail, Huz never misses an opportunity to say that!  He never forgets. You could almost call it a talent. He's just so good at being annoying.  Haha!  He really works at it, ya know.  I have to give him that.

P.S. The urban dictionary defines "nanners" as "an awesome way of saying banana."  Ha!


wallflower said...

That would drive me "bananas".

I like to annoy people sometimes but I also try to be respectful at other times. In hopes of others doing the same to me!

P.S. Looooving the Na'vi makeover!!

Tara said...

Yeah, I don't get no respect around here. Haha.

Yay, you like the Na'vi header. It was fun to do too. I may do another makeover later. Not sure.

Miss Mayhem said...

That is so funny! You are the one who told him to read it, right?

Vanessa said...

Hey I'm back! We just got back from a weeklong vacation to the Big Island (I know, I know, this whole past year has been a vacation to me:oP)I have to catch up on all your recent blogs now :o)

Tara said...

Vanessa!!! I seriously started an email to you today but didn't have time to finish it. I miss you! Ugly Betty rocks!

huz said...


dogimo said...

So here's what you do: periodically, make up a totally fake pet peeve and post about how it really annoys you. Then, when he reads it and tries to play the Huz card, you can just play along as if annoyed, while all the while on the inside, you're secretly chuckling maniacally!

Tina said...

Huz has always been like that. I know when he has a COLD can of soda to run away because no doubt he'll put it on your neck or back when you least expect it.