Monday, March 22, 2010

My Absence from the Blogosphere

I feel like I owe you an explanation. You may or may not have noticed that I have been absent recently. I have been shirking my blogging duties. My posts on this blog and comments on your blogs have been scarce. Laura has even been picking up the slack (which almost made me die of shock. Haha.) I just want to say it's not you, it's me. I have been kinda preoccupied this past week. I get like this once in a while, and I hope you can forgive me.

I got two letters for you, T and V. Haha. Yes, it's nothing serious. But it has put my ass on the couch all week. I've missed the couple days of nice weather. I've been sleep deprived because I can't shut the damn TV off. And most importantly, I've been ignoring people, including my bloggie friends. =/

More specifically, I am talking about Ugly Betty on DVD. I have been watching episode after episode every waking minute I had. The last time I was like this was over a year ago when I watched Veronica Mars. These TV on DVDs are evil. You just can't stop watching them. They are addictive especially in this case when the show is soooo friggin' good. I totally recommend it if you are looking for a new show.

Ugly Betty is a fun, quirky show about an "ugly" girl who finds herself in the fashion magazine biz where everyone is skinny, beautiful, and, of course, fashionable. The show is inspired by Telemundo, so some plots are really over the top. The "bad guys" and their evil schemes are often far-fetched. But I like it. It's supposed to be outrageous.

The best thing about Ugly Betty are the characters and the actors who play them. Each one is unique and adds something to the show. Of course, Betty played by America Ferrerra is awesome. But you also have Daniel Mead, the Editor-in-Chief of Mode Magazine, who, at first, seemed like a sleazy playboy but turned out to be a great boss and friend to Betty. You also have the duo Amanda and Marc who get their kicks from making fun of Betty's clothes, weight, and eating habits. But then they slowly learn to look past all that to appreciate Betty. It's wonderful to watch.

Okay, I have to confess that it's the love stuff that really sucked me in. I'm such a sucker for romance. It has everything I want in a TV series--first love, love triangles, and heartache (you can't have love without pain). It's gushy and mushy and yucky. It's awesome! Betty falls in love. I fall in love. Betty's conflicted. I'm conflicted. I'm right there with her.

Anyway, that's where I've been for the past couple weeks. I already finished watching all the DVDs, so back to my regularly scheduled programs!


Laura said...

By readily handing over those DVD's, I've inadvertently created a horrible, blogless monster!

Sarah said...

I simply cannot afford another TV addiction. I can't.

Glee is back in a few weeks. Dear baby Jesus, help me.

Laura said...

Hahaha! I dub that the best follower comment we've had this month. Congratulations!

Tina said...

Yay! Tara's back! I was wondering about that. Well, I'm on the Ugly Betty train so I'll see you guys later, much later.

Vanessa said...

OK, you probably won't see this. But I've loved Ugly Betty since it first aired (plus, she lives where I used to live..Jackson Heights. Um, the character, that is)
Boo on it being canceled :o(