Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Love/Hate Relationship with Coffee

Just like any ol' Joe off the block, I love coffee. It tastes delicious! It's warm, soothing aroma and its creamy, just-want-to-lick-your-mug taste gets me down to the bottom of my soul. Mm-mm!

But a few months ago, I've been connecting a couple dots that I never connected before. Once in a while, I'll have trouble sleeping. One time, after a day over Tina's house, I couldn't sleep until 6am. I was wide awake for hours in my bed. It was like torture! Since I had so long to think about things, I began to wonder why I couldn't sleep. Alas! The answer hit me like a ton of bricks. I had one of Tina's huge, but wonderful, cups of Cafe Du Monde coffee that day like I usually do when I go over! It all made sense!

Gawn darn it! Now I notice that even when I drink a cup of tea at 3pm, I have a bit of trouble falling asleep at 3am! Oh, the horror!

Well, all you readers should scroll down to the time right now. What time do you see? It's almost 6am (Idk why it says 5:30). Yep, it's happened, folks. The Caffeine Villain has struck again.

Tonight, I was participating in a 24-hour play competition at my college. They take writers, directors, and actors for the show. I signed up as a writer. At 8pm yesterday, all writers had to meet in the library basement of our school. It was there that we were told the theme of our play. From 8pm we were to begin the writing process until 4am. All night, they periodically threw a twist that we were to incorporate into our play. For the rest of the time, our plays are to be handed to directors so that the plays could be put on for the public at 8pm today on the dot, 24 hours later.

It was so much fun! But I kinda got overzealous and drank one cup of joe at 8pm and another at 12am... Why, oh, why Laura, did you do such a thing?

At 4:20am, I laid down for an hour in the dark, completely wide awake, and decided to give in and blog about my sorrows since I have nothing better to do until the caffeine wears off.... Sigh, the woe that is me :(

Update: I did not fall asleep until about 8:20am this morning and woke up around 10:45am. I'm feeling okay, not too tired! :) I didn't want to sleep too long anyway, so my sleep schedule won't get all wonky.


Tara said...

You are so wonky, Laura! I hate that you can't drink coffee anymore. It's one of my favorite pastimes.

I hope your play goes well. I sounds like a lot of fun.

Laura said...

I knowww! :( Reduced to a lowly decaf drinker... Sigh

Tina said...

I can drink coffee one minute and be asleep the next. Yay for coffee!

Sarah said...

I can sleep on caffeine, but I can't sleep on anxiety. That's when the Simply Sleep is super helpful.

Miss Mayhem said...

I love coffee! I am not allowed to drink it all the time though, so I enjoy every sip when I do get some!

-Miss Mayhem