Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Laura's Creative Writing Homework

I usually write my poems with endstop, meaning each line would end in a natural grammatical part of the sentence. I never really experimented with enjambment, so I tried to do that more in this assignment.

We had to write a prose or poem in which something changes fundamentally at least once. Not just at the level of the content but with writing strategy. Here is my poem:

I don't want to lie. This poem has no literal or abstract meaning. I just made it up out of no where. There is no wall. I feel like people always try to look for meaning in things, especially poetry, because they need it to make sense. Well, do what you will with it. I hope you enjoyed. :]


Tara said...

It's cuz I know you that I know that poem didn't have any underlying meaning. Haha! You saw a saw it chipping...hence a poem about a chipping wall. =p But your literal and whimsical style makes your art and poems unique.

Laura said...

The weird thing is I didn't see a wall... I just randomly came up with it. I guess it was driven by the fact that I think it's funny when I or others see something and it bothers me and I want to fix it.