Thursday, March 18, 2010

Picture This!

So I did! I signed up for photography classes. I actually followed through on something. And picked up a hobby. Yay for me!

Classes already started and are going well. They are held at a local high school one evening a week. These two men in their 50/60s teach the class and both have an obsession with photography. The one guy carries a camera in his fanny pack at all times. Haha. It's so he never misses a chance to capture something beautiful. They both get excited talking about photography. And are getting me excited.

We get assignments every week. This week, we had to play around with the aperture and capture depth of field. For my assignment, I shot Huz standing 30 feet from a creek. With the widest aperture, the creek was blurred, so it looked like it was far away. It was a neat effect. Anyway, my teachers said my photos turned out well. =)

Here are some examples of a narrow depth of field:

Neat, right?

P.S. I have to tell you about this one woman in my class. She is a classic know-it-all. And she does this really annoying thing that drives me f**king crazy. Every time the teachers say something, she'd respond with an "uh-huh." Mind you, there are thirty other people in this class, so they aren't talking to only her. So every minute or so, I'd hear "uh-huh." OMG! It is so annoying.


wallflower said...

This is awesome!
I've never taken an actual photography class before other than in my high school and I really want to!

Keep us posted on your photos. :)

Living Shallow, Living Well said...

That women probably just has a tick that makes her say 'uh-huh- or she's just a kiss-ass seeking the teacher's approval.

Sarah said...

Jealous! And excited for you! Post more pictures!

Alice said...

Good for you Tara! That is one of my favorite photography effects. You so have to get a fanny pack. :)

Laura said...

Yay! You're class is like a little taste of my life. Lol A-little-too-passionate professors and fun assignments! :] You have to show me the one with Huz.

Kate said...

OH jealous photography class sounds like fun. I bet the uh-huh woman is rubbish too! Cocky people always are!

Kate xx

Tara said...

Aww...I love you guys! You're so supportive! =) I know the pics aren't much, but I will definitely keep posting them. And I am so glad I signed up for the classes too!

Anonymous said...

photography is awesome. hope it goes well and you learn a lot.


(this one supportive response makes the last 49 mean comments okay)

Tara said...

Nice try. But NO, I don't think so. =p Yeah, I am excited about learning more about photography. Huz is totally learning too. He is playing with my camera right now. =)

Miss Mayhem said...

I would love to take photography classes! Post more pictures!

-Miss Mayhem