Monday, January 18, 2010

Bad Wifey Bad

Huz's birthday is tomorrow, and it just occurred to me today that I have to get him something. I friggin' suck. It's true that he told me not to get him anything this year. But but...I can't really do that, can I? The really bad part about this is not the fact that I will be empty handed tomorrow but rather the fact that I didn't even friggin' think of it until today.

What the hell happened to me? I used to be so good at birthdays. But fast forward through ten years of dating and two years of marriage, not so much anymore. Even a few years ago, I would have planned to make a really nice dinner with at least three courses. The present would have been tucked away somewhere for a couple months already, wrapped and ready to be opened. Instead, this year, no present, no dinner plans, nada. I didn't even think of the cake?!?! If you knew me, you'd know how important cake is to me on birthdays. Basically, the cake makes the birthday. I think it all stems from my childhood when all I got on my birthday was cake. And I even had to share mine with Tina. =p But I digress.

I had a day off today and went with Tina to Target. I was hoping I'll find something awesome for Huz there. Surprisingly, it turned up nothing. I don't know what I was expecting to find. Toothpaste? Socks? Beef jerky? Tempting...but no.

When I got home, I quickly confessed to Huz that I didn't have a present for him. He of course didn't care. But I care. Well, apparently, not enough to go to the mall and pick something up today. Tehe. Hey, I already admitted that I am a bad wifey.

Then I asked Huz what he wanted to do for dinner tomorrow, either dinner in or dinner out. But really, I didn't wanna cook. Not enough time to plan. No groceries. Too much effort. So when I asked, I made sure to make the me cooking option not so appealing. I asked Huz in the most excited voice I could muster, "So do you wanna go out to a nice restaurant for dinner somewhere awesome where we can eat awesome food, and it'll be totally awesome?" Then I changed my tone completely and said in my most unenthused voice, "Or do you rather me cook? But I'm not sure what to make. And I didn't buy any groceries yet. And I won't get home until late tomorrow, so basically we'll be eating a crappy meal at 10pm? Whaddya say?" He picked dinner out, of course. Booyah! I am not only a bad wife but also manipulative...and a little proud of it.

Of course, I couldn't forget the cake. I was definitely going to make the effort there. I was planning on baking it and discussed it with Huz. Then somehow birthday cake turned into birthday brownies. Less work for me! Don't mind that!

Damn, I really am a bad wife.


Miss Vintage Vixen said...

Oh darn! Jajajaja xD
For the cake... make it chocolate, friend.

Anonymous said...

your present won't be better than mine.


Tara said...

Cuz, what did you get him? Why you tryin' to make me look bad?

Vanessa said...

It's okay, you give him the gift of your precious love every day! Or is that enough for him??

Tara said...

You would think so. But he wants material things. Ugh! Haha. jk, he really didn't care at all. But I felt bad about it.