Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spiderman on a Segway (Complete Version)

Laura and I went to Orlando where life is a breeze.
Little did we know that our asses would freeze.
I left Huz behind, sick with fever.
Tina didn't wanna, but we had to leave her.

We had no hats or gloves against the chill
and ran to Walmart and came up with nil.
No matter, we layered with what we got
And pretended that we were somewhere hot.

We visited Universal and Disney by day.
At night we tried to avoid the buffet.
But one time we went to Golden Corral to eat.
And stuffed our faces with potatoes and meat.

The Cat and the Hat was our very first ride.
The place quickly let loose the kid inside.
We saw the Harry Potter ride in full swing.
But sadly, it won't be open 'til Spring.

We continued on and ended in Marvel town.
There you won't ever see Laura frown.
I saw Spiderman and Wolverine on ATVs.
Laura missed it and wasn't pleased.

I described them in not quite the right phrase.
Laura imagined her heroes riding segways.
We laughed to the point of tears at the thought.
Then the park closed, and we were overwrought.

The next day, we went to Disney's former MGM.
There I discovered a spectacular gem
Where real people auditioned and sang for our votes.
We loved the guy who cracked at the high notes.

He belted out Hercules' "Go the Distance"
At what they call the American Idol Experience.
Still my favorite show is Beauty and the Beast.
But Laura's favorite is turkey legs to feast.

Back at the condo, we watched the tube.
We also played battleship and rummikub
And snacked on apples covered in oreos.
We stayed up while our mommy dozed.

Lucky Laura was stuck with me for a week.
By the end, like me, she did speak.
She said my made-up phrases and funny words.
Now she can't deny she's one of the nerds.

It was fun, but I'm glad to be back.
But I gotta get my life on track.
This week I got back to working and jogging.
And of course, I can't forget blogging!


Laura said...

Lol I love it.

Tara said...

Yay! You like it! I was trying to get all the highlights from our vacation. It was hard. Couldn't fit anything about the MIB, vomitous rides, and gift shops. But really really wanted to.