Friday, January 29, 2010

Freakishly Strong

I wasn't made a tiny fragile girlie girl. Even at a young age, my father didn't handle me with care but rather expected me to handle my own. Being the oldest of my family, I was naturally the one my parents turned to help them carry groceries in the house or move large plants inside, then outside, then inside, then outside (you get the idea). So I guess my muscles started developing from all that heavy lifting cuz I gotz me some guns.

I was freakishly strong even back then. I'll always remember this one incident when I was about 8 or 9. At summer camp, we were outside playing, and I guess a few of us girls didn't hear the teachers calling us inside. When we got to the doors, we saw that a few mischievous boys had them barricaded from the inside. The girls were trying to push them open, but they wouldn't budge. I told the girls to back up, and tiny little me pushed the doors with all my might. The doors swung open, and the boys stepped back in surprise and even awe. I swear to God that this is a true story. At least how I remember it. Tehe.

Even Huz is amazed at times. Once in a while, he would randomly comment, "You're strong." It makes me laugh every time. He also asks me to open jars for him all the time. I suspect, just for kicks. I'm his official jar opener!

Along with my strength, I am a brute and am clumsy as hell. Not a great combination. I break things. I'm a disaster area. Imagine the Hulk in a tiny house. Or Hagrid using China at every meal. That's me!

I don't do delicate. I don't handle anything with care.

I even broke a dish today. Huz didn't even react. It's like a part of our daily lives! Haha. He saw what I did. Then he calmly asked me "Why'd you do that?" I responded, "Oh, ya know. I like to break things once in a while. Keeps things interesting." What did he think I was going to say? He likes to ask rhetorical questions just for fun. =p

Our dish set is now incomplete because of me. =( Whoops.

But Huz can't blame me. It's just the way I am. He knows that. So really, it's all his fault that dish is broken. He shouldn't let me near things that can break. Duh.


Fundafighs said...

I know exactly how you feel. Even though I had two brothers who are over 6ft tall, I'm still the one they ask to help carry the cherry wood office desk. My nickname is "buff girl" amongst close family. As for breaking things, I break mugs just by putting them on the counter lol. Just wanted to say that I can feel your pain, or strength that is =).

Vanessa said...

You should challenge the Huz to an arm wrestling contest :oP Hmm, I never thought of you as I'm surprised at the breaking dishes part. Are you sure you're just not taking out your aggression on inanimate objects???

Missy May said...

That is so funny! You should be glad your dad made you tough. Have you seen the show Powerpuff girls? They always have to open the pickle jar for the mayor, that's what your post reminded me of!
-Missy May

Tara said...

Hi, Fundafighs! Welcome to our blog! Love that you are still considered the buff one when you have two huge brothers.

Vanessa, where have you been? I've missed your comments! I love that you don't think I'm clumsy. It's like I'm perfect in your eyes. =)

Miss May--You are so cute...kinda like a powerpuff girl. Yeah, I don't mind being freakishly strong. But I do feel bad when I break things though.

dogimo said...

Life is for celebrating. Whenever anyone near you breaks a dish, shout "OPA!!" :-D

Tara said...


Kate said...

I'm kind of jealous. I am clumsy as hell but also completely weak. I work out I think I am just naturally wussy.

Kate xx

malou said...

Haven't been on your blog in ever. Love it more every time. Love, Malou.

MODG said...

man jealous. i have 000000 strength. I am a weiner girl.

Tara said...

Haha! Thanks for making me feel better. I swear I got clumsier after I blogged about this. I nearly broke a few more dishes.

Zan said...

How tall are you?