Tuesday, January 19, 2010

That's What She Said

A simple one line-joke that keeps on giving.

You can be talking about something completely innocuous, and a strategically inserted "That's what she said" makes it hilarious. Yes, I am very mature. I still chuckle every time Michael Scott says it on The Office. It never gets old.

Although I appreciate a good one, I don't pay enough attention or my mind just isn't dirty enough to remember to say the damn line at just the right moment. But I have to say Huz is really good at it. (And so is his cuz.) He never misses a chance when I say, "it's hard." Yeah, that's a giveaway. But sometimes he gets some good ones.

Like recently one was beyond epic!

While I was away on vacation, my mother-in-law came over to give Huz food. She made this cold beef dish for him. When I came back, Huz kept trying to get me to eat it. For a couple days at every meal time, he would insist I eat some. Finally, I yelled, "Why are you shoving that meat down my throat?!?"

The next second, I heard "That's what she said!" Then I saw Huz with the biggest smile on his face. That bastard was so proud of himself. But I had to give it to him. I couldn't stop laughing. Haha! That was awesome!


malou said...

Hahahahahahhahahahahaha. Even though in real life that was probably even, even funnier, I must say even on a webpage it was pretty awesome. Love, Malou.

Tara said...

Haha! I'm glad you liked it. It always leaves me smiling. That's what she said!!

Tina said...

Huz is so devious. I bet he spends a better part of his day planning.

Sarah P said...

I. just. got. "Huz."

I get it, like short for "husband."

I'm basically the world's most brilliant genius. And, I'm smart, too.

(I don't even want to think about how long I've been reading your blog without figuring that out.)

Tara said...

You're a genius, and you're smart!! Haha! It's okay. I explained "Huz" before you started reading our blog. There, there.