Thursday, January 28, 2010

My First Creative Writing Assignment

So as you all don't know, I was thinking of being a Creative Writing minor. Well, this semester I took my first Creative Writing class of my minor and I'm already thinking that Creative Writing just isn't me anymore. I was so into it in high school, but something happened because I definitely have lost my skill and interest. I want to write children's books goddamn it! Can't there be a children's book writing class?!

Well our first assignment was to write a poem or short story inspired by the readings we did in class. I hate writing poems. But we have to write half poems and half stories in this class so I figured I'll get the damn poem out of the way first. I really wasn't feeling in the poem writing mood so I asked my friends to inspire me. They jokingly told me to write about a random inanimate object and describe it in great, whimsical details. We had a good laugh. But when I got to my laptop, I couldn't get it out of my head. So I figured, f&%# it. I'll do it.

So here is my first poem of all the horrible poems that are to come. And I refuse to write a sappy love poem. Who do I look like?! Tara?! HAH!

Ode to a Fork

Gleaming silver curving with grace
Oh, my four-pronged companion, how you know my embrace
Like a familiar friend, I grasp you by your stem
You are as precious to me as a rare gem
You expunge all my troubles away by the bite
With each mouthful, I know it will all be alright
Old chum, how I do enjoy when we bond
But I only wish when I confide in you, you'd respond

I just hope I don't get an F...


Missy May said...

That is a good poem about a...fork?
Just kidding! I love it!
Very creative!
-Missy May

Tara said...

I hope you don't get an F either. But I really liked your poem. My favorite part is calling the fork "old chum." Why says that anymore?

Tina said...

I didn't think it was that bad, but honestly I'm so bad at poetry. I can attempt to create one, but it would be so low par for 3sisters.

Laura said...

Haha! Thanks for the faith guys, but it's terrible!

dogimo said...

Writing classes are cool for the discipline that comes from assignments and for the feedback you get from your classmates and professors, but really, if you want to write children's books, you should just read a ton of children's books.

Read for enjoyment, but with focus and intent. Keep a notepad handy, and write what notes occur to you as you read. Ideas of your own, sure, but also reflections, reactions, and most especially - things you might have done differently had the story been yours.

The best way to be a good writer is to read great writers.

Good luck!