Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dear Laura

Warning: If you don't like mushy stuff, you probably should turn away now and read about killer flip flips or my obsession with Simon Pegg.

Because Laura is going back to college this Sunday, I thought I'd write her a letter and tell her things I always forget to tell her or things I probably tell her too often (but one more time won't hurt). Also, if I handwrote the letter, she'll probably lose it, and I'll get all mad and thought she didn't care. So to avoid that whole situation, I thought this is the best place to save it.


Dear Laura,

Remember when I used to call you mini-me. You are not so mini anymore. I thought you were exactly like me, except a mini version that I can put in my pocket. Hehe. I used to demand that you never grow up and stay my little baby forever. Well, you grew up, damnit. But I'll get over it...eventually.

So you're not my baby anymore. I realized that a long time ago of course. You're grown and off to college. (Reminds me of how old I am. *Shudder*) I've seen you grow so much in the last few years. I see so much good in you. I see your generosity and your thoughtfulness. I see how you care so much for the people you love. Also, I've come to appreciate you as an individual. You're your own person. You aren't me...or Tina. You're you. I always thought you'd be exactly like me, actually. You know when I realized that you weren't? When I found out how sensitive you are! It blew my friggin' mind. But I think it is a good's perfect really. It makes you who you are.

Since college started for you, I've seen you apply yourself. Get over your freshman year jitters. It was hard, I know. But you had the strength. You just didn't know it at the time. And I've seen you grow at your craft as an artist. Wow, it's really amazing to watch. You aren't scared to be different. And you do what you like. That takes a strong mind. And you have what it takes. I'm sorry I ever doubted you...for even a minute. Truly.

I am lucky to be in your life, Laura. You are my best friend. And I cherish every moment we spend together...even the times when we sit around and do nothing. It's so easy. I can be myself completely. I am lucky to have that with you and Tina. And you get me. Like really get me. And you don't judge me. Thank you for that.

As your big sister, I leave you with advice, which you've heard before. But I will say it again. Make good decisions!! Oh, and I know you know and I know you've heard this about a million times, but I love you. So I leave you with that, dear sister. I miss you already.



Laura said...

AWWWWWW Wow, so deep. Almost teared a little... but you know me! Miss Sensitive. *Blush*

I love you too, jie jie. Maybe I'll write a letter back. :]

Tara said...

I seriously almost made myself cry too!! I am a big old mushy mush.

Vanessa said...

'Almost cried'..c'mon, I'm not even related to you two... and I'M crying. :oP