Thursday, August 27, 2009


So last semester, I began making dolls out of felt for some assignments for class. It was my first time sewing anything, but I was determined to make it work. I only now realize I never posted the doll I made for my final in Graphic Design last semester. The assignment was to market myself in any way. We could have created any products, services, etc. I decided to make a doll company called laura dolls (strictly in lower case!). I will try to get photographs of the actual doll, packaging, and Certificate of Authenticity that I had made for the project. Well, since I've started to make dolls, I wanted to actually make this doll company real and actually market my creations. I haven't started yet, but its just an idea for now.

Note this: When I make a doll, I put my heart into it. Dolls are hard work, man! So I only make them for very special people. So far, I've made one for my best friend's birthday and one for my boyfriend as a going away present at the end of the summer (Well, I was going away, but let's not get caught up in details...I like making him things, okay!?)

I forgot to take pictures of these dolls before I gave them away. But don't fret! I asked my best friend and boyfriend to take pictures of their dolls for me.

This is a Godzilla doll I made for my best friend. It's a running joke that she's deathly afraid of large creatures, even ones that don't exist like King Kong and Godzilla. She also loves short and fat things so I put both of these details together and created this doll for her birthday!

Up next is the doll I made for my boyfriend. It's a bear and one side is an image of him. Note that the bill of the cap on his head is 3D! It comes outward! And also note that the two little buttons on his polo are real buttons!On the other side of the bear is an image of me!
The clothes we are wearing are the outfits we wore on our first date!

Sorry his pictures are so ghetto. He took them with his webcam. Hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoyed making them!


Vanessa said...

Hey Laura, I'm sure you've heard of before, but I love to browse in there, looking at all the different homemade creations. You should open a store on there! (you know, in all the free time you have outside of studying for college) :oP

Tara said...

Apparently, Tina and I are not special enough. We didn't get a laura doll! What the hell!

I really like your dolls, Laura. The sad Godzilla is cute. I love him...tell him not to cry anymore.

Laura said...

No, I've never heard of I'll check it out sometime! Sounds interesting.

Haha, you guys will get yours in time! I'm not a machine!! (All my friends are demanding dolls for their birthdays now.. /cry)

Tina said...

Tara, I think she's hinting that she just doesn't love us. Well, well, we don't love you either! But I think the dolls are cute. You are so gosh darn creative and surprising too. You're stuff isn't always the same, but it's so Laura.

Missy May said...

Hi, Laura! I absolutely love the doll you made for you'r boyfriend! the doll looks a lot like the dolls I make! Do you use felt? I do!
-Missy May