Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Arrested Development

Arrested Development is a really quirky show about a dysfunctional family named the Bluths. It is filmed like a documentary. Think The Office. It only lasted for three seasons even though it has a cult following and is critically acclaimed. The show just didn't get good enough ratings...sorta like Veronica Mars, Pushing Daisies, Firefly, and the like. Also, why the hell am I always blogging about canceled shows? Anyway, everyone has told me that it is a great show, but I never got into it. So recently I borrowed the DVDs from my cousin. I admit that I didn't get it until I was a few episodes in. But the show is pretty friggin' hilarious.

The Bluths is a wealthy family that owns a building company run mostly by George Sr. and his son, Michael. The rest of the family lives a life of excess and never worked a day in their lives. Then George Sr. gets arrested by the SEC for fraud and misuse of company funds. This event leaves the family lost and without a leader. Although they initially resist him, Michael becomes the provider and unlikely head of his misfit family. The best part of this series is the whacked out characters. Michael is the only "normal" one. Michael has a son named George Michael (played by Michael Cera) who is in love with his cousin. Michael's older brother Gob is a really bad professional magician and travels around via segway. He is played by Will Arnett who I think is so hilarious. Love him! Michael's brother-in-law, Tobias, is a non-practicing psychiatrist who wants to be an actor and is never nude--he has some sort of phobia. Really weird. All this is only the half of it! Everyone is bonkers in this family.

I totally wikipediaed "Arrested Development" and found out it is some kind of mental disorder or impairment. It also refers to lack of intelligence. Haha! I wonder if this was done on purpose.

Arrested Development is currently being made into a motion picture with the same cast and everything. It is expected to be released in late 2010. Should be awesome.


Laura said...

Hey! A movie. That's pretty cool. :]

you know who this is... said...

I'm disappointed. This post should have been better. You should redo it.