Monday, August 3, 2009

Good-bye, Babydolls?

I am at an age and far along enough in my marriage that everyone and their mother want to see me pregnant. Tina and Laura say it all the time. I even get it from Carmen, Tina's six-year-old! (She wants cousins to play with.) Every time we visit my mother-in-law, she gently touches my belly and asks me if I am pregnant yet. That is awkward. Plus I don't like my belly being touched! So it appears that my family and my husband's family are on baby watch. It's kinda like the paparazzi every time they think they see a "baby bump." They go in a frenzy.

So what does this have to do with babydolls? Everything! I love babydoll shirts and dresses. It is all I've worn this summer. I think it is flattering. Well, I thought it was...until my husband's granny saw me in a babydoll dress. She remarked that my stomach looked big and then demanded to know whether I was pregnant. I denied it, and she accused me of lying. I denied it again, and she threatened that I better not be lying! OMG! I was self-conscious all day after that. So I learned my lesson. Babydoll dresses + crazy family that wants me to be pregnant a good time. So the next time I saw my husband's family, I told my husband I have to look skinny! So I wore a black dress with an A-line silhouette. And they actually commented that I look like I lost weight. I hadn't, of course. But I felt victorious. Win one for Tara. However, my cousin-in-law made the mistake of wearing a babydoll dress that day. And she got the "ARE YOU PREGNANT?" exclamation. She has two beautiful sons...leave her alone!

So will I give up babydolls? No, of course not! I love them. They are comfortable. I don't feel compelled to suck in my tummy all day long. They are awesome! Plus, my husband said that when I do finally become pregnant, I have tons of cute outfits already. Win two for Tara!