Thursday, August 6, 2009


In my Run Fatboy Run post, I said I loved Simon Pegg. Well, that love has turned into an obsession. Like seriously, I wanna stalk the dude. I told my husband about it and honestly said "I wish Simon Pegg wasn't so famous because now it is harder to stalk him." In his Shaun of the Dead hey day, a stalker would go unnoticed, but now that he's made Star Trek, not so much. Sigh. I found out that he has a book deal in which he will publish three autobiographical and semi-autobiographical books. And I wanna read them! This is significant because I have never ever read a celebrity book in my life and have never had the desire to. I found out he has a blog too. He is so cool...

My obsession began after I watched the entire series of the TV show, Spaced, which is free on hulu. Go watch it! He is about 29 when he wrote, directed and co-starred in Spaced. He is young and cute...adorable really. And he says funny British things. Spaced has a cult following although it was canceled only after two seasons, which sadly only had seven episodes each.

The basic story of Spaced is that a guy (Tim) and a girl (Daisy) who are strangers suddenly find that they have no place to live. They happen to meet in a cafe where both of them are looking in the classifieds for an apartment. After days of such chance meetings, Daisy comes across an apartment in the classifieds that sounds perfect. However, there is one catch--the apartment is for professional couples only. So they devise a plan to get the apartment together. After they move in, they become fast friends and become sort of like a family, which includes their best friends, two other people from the building, and a dog named Colin. Everyone on the show is weird and quirky, and I love it. Also, what is unique about Spaced is that it is filled with pop culture references from Star Wars to the Matrix to the Terminator. They add another element to the show. And the plot lines are so out there but really funny. Love it.

Watch out, Simon Pegg. I'm coming for you.


Laura said...

Wow, I didn't realize how deep your obsession ran. Lol

Tara said...

He is soooo really. Especially when he says things like "bollocks" and "sod off." He had me at "bollocks."

Tina said...

Wow, when you get obsessed, you really get obsessed. Did you watch "Hot Fuzz" yet? 'Cause that was my fave.

Tara said...

Nooo...Hot Fuzz is not the best. It's still Shaun of the Dead. I want to see that movie again. And How to Alienate People was pretty good, but he didn't look as cute in it. I like his hair long and spikey.

Yeah, I have an obsessive personality. But he really is cute!

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