Monday, August 3, 2009

Funny People

I saw Funny People the other day. I really liked it! It had a similar humor as many of Judd Apatow's other films, meaning many of the jokes were celebrity references.

The film is about a famous comedian/actor, named George Simmons (played by Adam Sandler), who finds out he has a deadly illness. Desperate to live out his remaining days to their fullest extent, he tries to win back "the one who got away" and at the same time, faces his boredom with his career and unhappiness with life. Carrying him through these desperate times is a perfect stranger, Ira Wright (played by Seth Rogan), who grows a life long bond with George.

The jokes were funny, but not hilarious, and the acting was great! I thought it was written very well. The movie was pretty heart-warming. Leslie Mann was particularly funny compared to her other roles in Judd Apatow films. I loveeeee Seth Rogan. He lost a lot of weight and he looks adorable! In this poster, he looks kinda weird, but he's awesome!

Warning: the film was about 2.5 hours long. I thought the length was okay after the film was done, but my guy friends watched it with me thought the movie was super long and not that funny. So I guess if you like Judd Apatow's humor, then you'll love this film like I do, but if you didn't think his other films like Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin were funny, then don't watch it I guess.

I give it 4.7 stars! I like it even more than Knocked Up!

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Tara said...

I want to watch this movie too!! I love every one in this film and of course the director too. I heard it is a bit different from his other movies though...not as over the top and slapstick.