Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Carmen has magic!"

This is a Rachel story, and believe me, there are tons of Rachel stories. Fortunately this one just happened, so I can remember every hilarious detail.

Rachel runs downstairs and announces very hurriedly, "I have to go the bathroom!"
A minute later in the bathroom, she says, "I peed on myself."
My husband tells her, "Rachel, you have to stop going so late." Because she is always in a rush.
Her excuse is that Carmen was using the bathroom upstairs.
My husband says, "There are two bathrooms upstairs. Why didn't you use the other bathroom?"
An annoyed Rachel exclaims, "Carmen was in the other bathroom."
My husband very confused now asks, "How can Carmen be in both bathrooms?"
Rachel says with all seriousness, "Carmen has magic!"

The End


Tara said...

LOL. Rachel is awesome! She always has a clever comeback...and she is not confined by reality.

Laura said...

Haha! She gets more and more hilarious as she gets older.