Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Great "Weird" Debate

Recently, we have been arguing about who is the weirdest one among us 3 sisters. If one of us does something remotely weird, we'll accuse her of being the weirdest. Laura and I are convinced that it's Tina. The evidence is twofold, namely, her really strange offspring. Her kids are friggin' weird, man! Carmen and Rachel break out in song randomly throughout the day. Rachel sometimes feels compelled to rhyme for no apparent reason. (Is there ever a reason to rhyme?) She was eating nuggets one time and said "nugget bo bugget" repeatedly. Ooookaayy...weirdo. Haha! I would elaborate, but they hate when we talk about them in their presence, let alone on a blog.

Their behavior has only one explanation. They have a weirdo mother. I have a theory about this. Tina constantly does funny things to make her daughters laugh. She has an attentive audience who loves her. Huz barely cracks a smile at my strange antics. Laura has a new boyfriend that may not fully appreciate hers just yet. Unlike Tina, we don't really have an outlet for our weirdness. So Tina MUST be the weirdest one, right?!?!

But seriously, who am I kidding? We are all pretty weird...especially when we are together. Let me break it down for you.

We have a million inside jokes that don't get least not to us. Here are some examples that we would only understand.
- Leverage
- "Hear ye, hear ye"
- "Basically" said in a deep voice
- "Babe, you're such a babe, babe"
- "Tina will hear of this!"
- Laura thinks everything is from a movie.
- "I'm going to throw a beet at you!"

We each have phrases that we say all the time. The other two would pick it up, and then we'll have no idea who started it. Each of us would try to claim it even though the phrase is probably really dumb.

We steal each other's memories. We honestly forget who it happened to. Haha! I did it to Laura the other day. I was describing how I called the wrong number one time and start blabbing thinking it was one of them. Turned out that never happened to me. It happened to Laura when she called my office. She thought the receptionist was me. Classic!

We yell in exasperation at each other for being stupid and annoying. An outside person would think we are serious. But we aren't...well, not really.

We make up phrases, usually gibberish, that we don't use in public. "Argh" somehow turned into "Argh Bargh." Don't ask.

Tina and Laura make up weird nicknames for Rachel and Carmen. Instead of something short, it takes like two or three breaths to say. Haha! I haven't thought of any yet...oh, but I probably will.

We honestly believe in Monopoly karma. The rule is don't beat someone when they are down during a game of Monopoly because it WILL come back to bite you in the ass.

We have more fun with the kids' toys than they do. Sometimes, Carmen begs us to do something else. We usually shoo her away. Tehe.
    Nonetheless, I vote that Tina and Laura are the weird sisters, not me! And my vote is the only one that counts. =p


    Laura said...

    PASHAW! All the phrases that you made up are stupid but all of mine (example: seriously bojeriously) is friggin awesome and also uneccessarily long.

    Nuff said.

    Kate said...

    I love the idea of monopoly karma!

    Kate x

    Vanessa said...

    Best blog post ever. :oP After reading that, I think it's safe to say that you are all equally weird.

    Tara said...

    You're weird, Vanessa!! Stupid head.

    "Seriously bojeriously." Nuff said.

    Tina said...

    Kate, monopoly karma is not an idea. It's a reality! Main Rule of monopoly karma: Don't piss off the monopoly gods. They especially hate snooty winners. Because when you least expect it, they will smite thee!!!

    Laura said...

    Lol. See? Tina's weirdest!

    Tara said...

    Haha! Tina is a weirdo pateirdo.

    New 3 sisters phrase: "they will smite thee!!"