Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tara is a Love Hater!

Yeah, that's right. You've read correctly. I am accusing Tara, the woman who's been in love with Huz for a bijillion years now, of being a Love Hater. Recently, my boyfriend and I have come to the habit of celebrating every month of our relationship with the exchange of gifts and a nice date. Tara has made it widely known that she does not approve of this. She tells us its silly and unnecessary, making my boyfriend and I shift our eyes guiltily and clear our throats uncomfortably. I used to try to keep my dignity, saying it was his idea (which it was!) or saying its not a big deal, but that time is over! Instead, I am admitting I like doing it! It's fun and cute and nice; especially for our semi-long distance relationship! And I am calling Tara a Love Hater! Boo on her!

Today, I called her out on it. She admitted I'm probably right! She is just a crude, jaded old woman! Just kidding! But it is true Huz isn't the most romantic man (Sorry Huz!) so she admits he's probably ruined her youthful idea of love forever.

PS. Don't you just love the picture I found! It's awesomeeee!


Tara said...

Poor cupid!! I may be a love hater, but I never said "let's kill the little flying naked baby." That's whack!

My naive notions of love are dead along with my youth! Haha!

Kim said...

Laura...I remember all the things that Tara did the first 4 years she dated Huz...I had to live through the whole young and in love phase (I won't go into the details of everything she used to do!) just because she's now old and in love doesn't mean you shouldn't get the chance to be young and in love too!

Laura said...

Amen to that! You hear that Tara! Ya hear!? Evil Cupid killer!!

Tara said...

Kim, you're supposed to be on my side...cuz cuz...I said so!!

Fine, I admit that I was crazy in love, but I didn't do LAME stuff like celebrate every monthiversary. Muhahahahaha!