Thursday, October 15, 2009

I am a Teacher!!!

Most of our bloggers know that I am a mother of two beautiful girls, but what you might not have realized is that I am also a full-time teacher. A few years back I decided to return to school and finally get certified in education. Just last year I received my certification in elementary education and was ready to enter the world of teaching. I went in with high hopes and admittedly naive expectations. I thought my students would adore me and hang on my every word. I was about to get a rude awakening. I interned in a kindergarten class, so I thought for my first year I would teach kindergarten. You wouldn't believe the goings-on in my kindergarten class. You probably imagine a kindergarten class full of shining faces, bright eyes, and cute little people. In my class, I had 5 year-olds cursing like a sailor, throwing chairs at each other, biting and scratching each other, and practically almost killing each other. I have no idea how I lasted the whole year, but somehow I made it through. And believe me, I never cried so much in my life. It was literally the most miserable year of my life. I am a happy-go-lucky person and nothing ever bothers me for long, but boy, was I the most miserable and unhappiest person. I was close to quitting almost every day. By the end, it was finally like the light at the end of a tunnel. When I stepped out and away from that horrible place, I felt the sun shining on me and I was able to breathe again. On my last day of school, my beautiful sisters threw me a little party with a cake that read, "Screw (name of school)!" It was awesome!

I'm in my second year of teaching, at a different school and teaching third grade. Thank God! I am not the best teacher in the world, nor am I the worst teacher. I have my fair share of not perfect days, but it in no way compares to even my best days at my old school. The administration and staff are supportive and actually want to help me. Last year the principal was literally out to get me. When I called the office about my crazy students, the secretary will tell me to calm the student down. How the hell am I suppose to calm a student who's on a murderous rampage?!? This year is a complete turn around. Teachers have no qualms calling the office about problem students and teachers actually like and respect the principal. This idea was completely foreign to me!

All of last year I did not feel like a teacher. I felt like a failure. When people asked my occupation, I would admit that I'm a teacher, but I felt almost like a liar. This year I can say with pride that I am a teacher! So bloggers just wanted to say, "I am a teacher and proud of it!"


Tara said...

Wasn't that therapeutic? Am I right? You should blog more. ;)

I think it's awesome that you stuck it out and come through the other side. It goes to show you that you are a happy-go-lucky person because you hadn't become a cynic. I am glad to see the real Tina back.

I love you, Tina!

Tara said...

Btw, can't believe my strike actually worked!! Hopefully, I don't have to strike like every week. ;)

Laura said...

AW CRAP! Now I have to blog asap! But but but my computer doesn't work! :[ No fair! I'll try to fix it today. I'm still waiting for my friend to give me her screw drivers. But after i install my hard drive, i have to figure out how to get my internet working again. Arghishbarg.