Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Should Leggings Stay in the 1990s?

There is not much originality in fashion these days. There is just reinvented fashion. Because I've lived for three decades now, I've seen quite a bit of fashion comebacks. I think most things should stay dead. They went out of fashion for a reason. Some have, so far at least, like shoulder pads, scrunchies, the stick-up bangs and overalls. Others unfortunately have not, like mom jeans, neon, and high heel sneakers. Fortunately these haven't really caught on. Admittedly I sported all of these fashions back in the day. Okay, I didn't really do the stick-up bangs but would have if I just knew how. I thought they were the coolest. Can you name any more disastrous fashion trends that have somehow sneaked its way back into relevance?

I noticed that a few fashion trends have been rejuvenated of late. They are trends to which I thought I said good-bye forever. I swore I'll never wear or care for them again. For example, flannel is back in full force. Although I admit they are updated and look pretty cool. Also, vests are back. Tina and I used to wear them in high school. Now I see Laura wearing them all the time. I haven't bought any flannel shirts or vests yet and probably won't. I don't know. Maybe.

Now come leggings, which is what I really want to talk about. I wore leggings back in 1992! Last year, all of a sudden they became trendy again. I refused to wear them and completely wrote them off. It reminded me of 13-year-old Tara who I rather put behind me. I didn't think leggings were me anymore. Like flannel shirts and vests, I associate leggings with me in the 90s. I was pretty dorky and clueless then. So last year for the entire year, I avoided them. There was just no way I was going to wear leggings...or so I thought.

Now I've succumb to its allure and love them. They are comfortable and cute with just about anything, including sweaters, cardigans, and dresses. Also, I like to wear loose tops that only look flattering with skinny jeans or leggings. They are great with boots too. You don't get that scrunching effect at the knee that you get with jeans. Ugh! Hate that. Plus I don leggings for my hip hop class. I look awesome while strutting my stuff and popping my hips! Bam bam! Haha.

Leggings, I welcome you to 2009.

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