Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Baby Name

Let me preface with this--I am not pregnant nor do I have any kids. However, for the longest time, I had a baby name picked out for my first daughter. It was Kalie. Pronounced kay-lee. I loved the baby name since 1997. Yes, I actually remember when. You'll laugh when I tell you how I came up with it. I first heard the name watching MTV. Haha! It was the name of a girl on Road Rules. I thought her name was pretty and different, and I instantly knew I was going to name my baby Kalie.

Fast forward a dozen years when many of my friends and family have had babies. And I didn't. People have stolen my baby name! I hate them all! Just kidding. Not really. But for some reason, Kalie or some variation of it suddenly became popular. What the hell! As I said, I liked that name since 1997 and didn't know anyone with that name. And now I know several people whose daughters' name is either Kaylee or Kayla. I also have a niece named Kalani--pronounced kay-lanie. Too close for comfort.

So this year, I decided to give up the baby name that I've kept for all these years. It made me really sad when I made this decision. I announced it to both Tina and Laura who also thought it was probably for the best. It really was a tough decision for me. I held onto that name forever.

I recently came up with another name...a secret baby name. I hadn't even told Tina and Laura yet. Hopefully, I'll have a daughter some day, and I can bestow her with my secret baby name. However, the name Kalie will always be special to me.

Dear baby never had a chance.


Tara Oakley Cutler said...

I totally remember that season of Road Rules. Wasn't she hooking up with the Devin guy? I loved her, she was a cutie.

Tina said...

Hey Tara, I thought of a boy name for you. How about Lucas? Lucas, Luke, Lukie, Kus-Kus. There's alot of variations for nicknames. Think about it. Love ya.

Tina said...

Oh, and I also wanted to say, "Yay, Tara's blogging again." I almost blogged using Laura's name. hehe.

Tara said...

Lucas? That reminds me of that movie called "Lucas" about that nerdy kid who likes the hot cheerleader and tries out for football. Remember that movie?!?

Anyway, yeah, I gave in and blogged. Only because stupid Laura's computer is whack. I was also suffering from blogging withdrawal. =p

Sarah P said...

Me, weird? Whoa.

I like your blog. I read all the way down to the leggings post so far.

As long as stirrup pants don't come back, I'm fine. Yoga pants are about as revealing as I can go with my jiggly thighs and whatnot.

Also, your sisters should blog more. What's up with them leaving you hanging? Not very sisterly. You should threaten them with embarrassing photos of their early years. Just a suggestion.

Thanks for checking out my awful blog. It's so pointless, it even confuses me a little.

I leave long comments. It's like I don't even understand the concept of a comment.

Laura said...

Yay, new commenters.

I would blog but but my computer is broken and and :(

sigh, even our followers are yelling at us..

I hope you do have a baby girl, Tara. :/ You should have mentioned the Huz's family boy gene in your post.

Tara said...

Btw, Kalie from Road Rules hooked up with Jake. I actually went to high school with Jake. Weird, eh?

My sisters SHOULD blog more. They suck!

Anonymous said...

Oh Gawd, I can totally empathize with you on this! I picked out Jordan (in 2001- strange how you remember those things!) for a boy and Ella for a girl. Fast forward and now every other boy is Aiden or Caiden, and my cousin named his son Jordan. Grrrr. Thanks to "Twilight," there's going to be a huge rash of 'Isabella's, and I'm anal and can't have a top 10 baby name.

My new choices are totally a secret too. :)

Oh wait what? Husband and marriage first?! Whatev.

Tara said...

Yeah, my boy name was Aiden! Now every boy and their brother are named Aiden. Forget that shnap.

Sorry about Bella...Twilight totally ruined the name forever.

Or at least until people forget about Twilight.

Laura said...

Does this go down in 3SisterBlog history as the most comments we've had on a post? At least the most comments by actual readers and not by the 3 sisters. Hehe.

Congratulations, Tara. I'm going to fashion you a trophy!

Tara said...

I'll be waiting for the trophy, dude.

We have AWESOME readers!

Vanessa said...

Weird, I was talking about baby names with Kevin the other day. I think you should keep your new baby name secret, until the day the baby is born.

and wow for all the comments. I think your blog is about to go *viral*..hehe.