Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My First Commercial Design!

So I know I've been slacking in my blogging duties. I'm sorry, okay!

I've posted a recent assignment in my Computer for Designers class. We were to take a company of our choosing and create a rewards card and gold card for them. Being the shopper I am, I chose my favorite store, H&M! Usually I wouldn't pack so many elements into one small design but the requirements of the assignment was to have at least 3 layers on each card.

I did them in Adobe Photoshop, which is not my strong suit. I'm better with Illustrator. I have no idea how i came up with my design. I just played with it and it got ideas as I went. In critique, my teacher said he didn't particularly like my leopard print sky, but I loved it! So being the bad ass I am, I left it. Muahaha! Take that, Professor!

Sorry for the bad quality of the picture. I tried my best!

I am still waiting for a grade. Hope I get an A! :)


Tara said...

FINALLY!!! "Slacking" is an understatement. You have completely abdicated your fiduciary duties to your sisters and this blog, which is actually a contract that is binding in a court of law. (Sorry, don't know where that came from.)

My favorite part is the leopard print sky too. Obviously, your professor doesn't have any fashion sense.

And I don't think badasses actually call themselves bad ass. =p

Laura said...

Wow, you just lawyered the crap out of me!