Monday, November 16, 2009

Artie from Glee

Kevin McHale who plays Artie in Glee initially auditioned for the role of Finn. I was surprised when I heard that because I didn't think he had the look. He fit perfectly as Artie--a nerdy, skinny kid who happens to be in a wheelchair. I couldn't imagine him as a football jock and the most popular guy in school. Then I found out the awesomest thing ever!

McHale used to be in a boy band called NLT (Not Like Them). Bahhhhh!!

Holy crap! He has the mangs (man bangs), tight shirt, skinny jeans. Definitely boy band material. And can I say, he looks pretty darn cute too. I mean he is adorable as Artie. But still! He looks totally different. It's so weird! He doesn't look skinny at all. He actually looks kinda buff. I was so surprised when I saw pictures of him in NLT.

So I can see now why he auditioned for Finn's role. Makes sense.P.S. I do realize that he is only 21, okay? I'm just making an observation. ;)

P.P.S. Loved Artie's solo, Dancing with Myself. His voice was a good way.


Laura said...

Yeah, I was starting to really like him. I think he's my big crush in the show.

Know what I realized! We both have crushes on the boys who are most unlike our bf/husband! I like the nerdy kid and you like the bad boy! Hehe. Thats funny. Our actualy boys are such opposites.

Tara said...

Totally!!! I knew you had a crush on him!

¥-EMO SKITTLES-¥ said...

when artie sang dancing with my self i felt so bad and it was sad

Anonymous said...

Im in love with both artie and kevin mchale ( i know there both the same person). I dont like how they took his pircings away and put in a wheelchair cause kevin mchales got MOVES!!!!<3