Thursday, November 19, 2009

When You Know You've Been Designing Too Long

Recently, I've been doing an excessive amount of design work for my classes and I've gone a little nuts. What drove me to write this post was something that happened not 5 minutes ago. I was surfing the web and I accidentally clicked something weird in my web browser, so I wanted to go back and I automatically hit Control+Z... This, sadly, was not the beginning of my craziness.

Last week, I got the most challenging assignment I ever got in the history of my college career. I had to make logo designs– 20 of them. I worked for hours and hours on that project and soon, it began to haunt me. I was trying to sleep one night, and I was having a little trouble. I wasn't fully conscious but I couldn't fall completely into sleep. It took me a little to realize it was because I was dreaming about fonts. Fonts, for goodness sake! I felt like I was tripping on acid. Fonts (particularly Helvetica) were swirling around in that noggin of mine. As I was falling asleep, I felt like I was a font. My eyes were half open and I compared the shape of my arm to the shape of Helvetica Rounded. This odd thought was so jarring, it woke me up and I was so weirded out! Plus, why in the world did I have to be some boring font like Helvetica anyway! Gawd!

Another time, not too long ago, (I was fully awake this time) I found myself designing in my head. It's like if you play Tetris or Sims too long, you start playing it in your head subconciously. Well I was friggin' designing in my head! I saw the mouse and I was drawing things with it and moving things around and using various tools. Weird, huh?

And that's a trip into the crazy mind of Laura. Hope you enjoyed!

P.S. I will post the fruits of my labor (my 20 logo designs) soon after this post.


Tara said...

Awesome post. Haha! You're such a weirdo. And I totally understand your Tetris analogy!

Tina said...

That's so weird, because I was telling Tara that I was dreaming about math ('cause I was planning a math lesson before bed). And I also used the Tetris analogy.

Tara said...

Yeah, that's right! I was trying to think of why you said it, Tina.