Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Pocahontas Incident of '96

When I was a 2nd grader, something happened to me that affected the rest of my life. When did this happen? Halloween, 1996. I'll never forget it! Never!

Halloween was fast approaching and I was super excited to don my adorable Pocahontas costume for my school's annual costume contest. In the auditorium, the principle was announcing the plans for the blessed event. I heard that we were to wear our costumes on Thursday and we would have pizza on Friday. I wondered why we would have pizza on a different day but I brushed it aside. I was determined to win this year.

So on Thursday, just as the principle asked, I became Pocahontas, the Native American Princess. I stepped onto the bus, proud and mighty, knowing my costume this year was awesome. But something stopped me in my tracks. Everyone on the bus was wearing our regular uniform. Sure, I'm not embarrassed to admit I shed a tear or two just then. Fine, I shed more than that.. Fine! I was balling, okay! An older boy took me to the principle. She called my Mom in right away to drop off my uniform. It was mortifying.

And ever since this traumatic experience, when there's a day that I'm supposed to wear something other than my regular clothes, I ask double if that day is the correct day. Sigh, and that's my telling of 'The Pocahontas Incident of '96.'

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Tara said...

Poor poor 7-year-old Laura! That story cracks me up every time. Haha!