Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm a Purist

I don't like ketchup. There, I said it. It's not that I dislike the taste of ketchup. I just prefer not to add it to everything I eat. I always tell people that I'm a purist. Well, only when it comes to food anyway.

I don't put ketchup on my fries or burgers or fried chicken or anything really. Okay, I make an exception once in a while, but not often. I know, I'm a big weirdo. But I like food the way it was intended. I want to taste my food, not the ketchup slathered on top. I am actually disgusted when people put ketchup on their cheesesteaks. They are good as is. How can you ruin it with ketchup? Patooey.

Wikipedia describes a purist as "one who desires that an item remain true to its essence and free from adulterating or diluting influences." That's me...a purist. I like the essence of my food untainted, thank you very much.

Essence...yum. Can't get enough essence, ya know what I mean?


Vanessa said...

I'm not as extreme as you (hmm, I guess I'm a 'semi-purist'). But why is it that EVERYONE uses ketchup on eggs except me?? Am I the one who is strange??

Laura said...

I dont do that! Ever have ketchup on corn though? Lol It's pretty good. This all stems back from my days in HR where the food was bland and we all tried our best to make it yummy.

Tara said...

Ketchup on eggs and corn is gross, dudes.