Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Avatar Is the Shiznit

Hope everyone had a pleasant holiday. I have been busy spending time with family, cooking, and eating a lot...like non-stop. But I guess that is what the holidays are all about. ;) However, in between bites of food, I went out to watch Avatar with Huz, cuz, and lil bro. It was the highlight of my week. Haha. Jk. (Not really.)

I had been really excited to watch Avatar and was not disappointed. I watched it in 3D, which probably wasn't necessary. I absolutely loved the movie though. The best part was the world created by writer/director James Cameron called Pandora and the blue people that cohabited it called the Na'vi. Everything about the world was...magical from the bizarre plants to the glowing trees to the larger than life animals. The CGI and effects were awesome and just made it feel and look so real.

In the movie, a human, Jake Sully, attempts to infiltrate one tribe on Pandora by using an avatar created with human and Na'vi DNA. He basically gets into a machine, and his mind is somehow connected to his avatar. On his first trip into the forest of Pandora, he gets separated from his crew. The Na'vi knows of these avatars and treats them as hostiles. However, Neytiri comes upon him and believes that he is somehow special. As such, her people allows him to stay with their tribe and learn the ways of the Na'vi. Soon Jake is conflicted about his mission because he has fallen in love with the world and with his teacher, Neytiri.

It is such a beautiful love story. However, freakin' teenagers in the theater ruined parts of the movie for me. They were snickering and making a commotion during the more sentimental parts. Ugh. They were so annoying. I tried to ignore it as best I could.

Anyway, despite all the good stuff in the movie, it did have its tired cliches. The humans were motivated by greed...of course. Pandora is rich with a mineral called unobtainium that sells for millions of dollars an ounce.Then there's the annoying military guy who just wants to destroy Pandora for no apparent reason than to just be the bad guy of the piece. His character was exaggerated almost to the point of the ridiculous.

But honestly, I don't care. The story was simple and probably didn't have much substance. I loved it anyway.

The movie reminded me of FernGully. Do you remember that cartoon movie from way back when? Huz had no idea what I was talking about.


Laura said...

Totes Magotes

Anonymous said...

Dances with Smurfs

Pocahontas in Space