Monday, February 23, 2009

Pushing Daisies Season 1

Oh, why, oh, why do I make myself watch canceled shows and then fall madly in love with them? Canceled shows won't come back to you. I knew it was over before it began. It was never meant to be, yet I set myself up for heartbreak time and time again. I did that when I started watching Pushing Daisies. It was on sale at Target, and I thought why not? Oh, how I never expected such an on-a-whim decision to affect me so...or at least the next week of my life.

Pushing Daisies is my kind of show. It is fantastical, colorful and cute as a button. The show is visually stunning. It is like the Wizard of Oz, Lemony Snicket's and Dr. Seuss all rolled into one little show. The story is told by a narrator, which just adds another awesome level to the show. Pushing Daisies is about a man named Ned with the extraordinary power of bringing the dead back to life with one touch. But a second touch makes them dead forever. If you didn't know, "pushing daisies" or "pushing up the daisies" means dead. Like fertilizer for the plants. Get it? I just figured that out! Haha! Funny. Anyway, Ned is a piemaker, a profession he fell into as a result of his mommy issues. But he also has a side job where he works with a P.I. to solve murders. He uses his powers for good! Basically, he wakes the victims up from the dead and asks them who killed them. However, it's not always as simple as that. Matter of fact, it is never as simple as that. In the very first episode, he had to the solve the murder of his childhood sweetheart. He brings her back to life but just can't bare to touch her the second time. So in her place, someone else falls to his death so that the universe is balanced once more. Ned can only bring a person back to life for a minute; otherwise, someone else must die. It's all very spooky in a lovely sort of way. Ned and his childhood sweetheart, Chuck (short for Charlotte), are so cute together. But the sad thing is they can never touch or she'll be dead...again.

The cast is awesome in this show! Kristin Chenoweth plays Olive who is also in love with Ned. At first, I didn't think much of her, but she totally grew on me. Oh, and do you recognize the name? She played Glinda in Wicked, the best broadway musical around. She sings on the Wicked soundtrack and is great. You can't help but fall in love with her in Pushing Daisies...well, unless you're Ned and already in love with Chuck. Even though I know the show is canceled, I don't care. I plan to watch the second season and suffer through the heartache. Cry!!!

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