Thursday, February 18, 2010

Freak Show

Tina and I were at this recent get-together and saw this guy who we don't really know and rarely even talked to. The first thing he said when he saw us was, "wow, you guys look exactly alike. I can't tell you apart." Then he continued to stare at us like we were a freak show. It was awkward.

While eying the both of us, he commented how we had the same exact hair. Um, no, we don't!

Then he said we dressed the same. What?? Clearly, you don't know us at all! So please be quiet right now!

Then he proceeded to play the guessing game. Which one is Tina? Which one is Tara? Ooooo. What fun!

NO. Not fun. Annoying. Really annoying. The last time we were subjected to this was when we were 7. And guess what. It wasn't fun then either.

I remember when many an uncle and auntie would visit our family. Tina and I mostly didn't know who they were and just wanted to be left alone to play. However, these uncles and aunties would come up to us and try to guess who was who. They'd laugh thinking they were sooooo original and funny. Also, if they guessed the names correctly, sometimes they liked to explain how they figured it out. I hated this part because then they would comment about how my face was chubbier or my frame was bigger. Gee...thanks.

That's not really the reason why it is annoying. I'll tell you why. Yes, I realize we look alike. Yes, it's adorable and fascinating at the same time. However, we don't really think we look much alike. People who know us well don't have any problem telling us apart. So if you don't know us, then why does it matter which one is Tina and which one is Tara? Really in the end, they are just two names for two twins you won't remember tomorrow anyway.

The guessing game is also stupid. There's no real winner. It's over before it began. Here are the possible outcomes of the game:
- If you get it right: Yay, you are great at guessing because, let's be honest, you had no idea who was who. And you won't remember anyway. We'll always be TaraTina to you.
- If you get it wrong, then yay, we tricked you with our twin power! Haha, you fool. But do try again later. Or not. Preferably not.

If you can't tell us apart, just keep it on the DL. You are just going to embarrass yourself. Because hey, I didn't know your name either, but I didn't say anything. I didn't go....oh, what's your name? Is it Bob? Tony? Joey? Yes, because then I would be guessing. And that, my friend, would be dumb.


Sarah P said...

Next time just tell them you have trouble remembering which twin you are, so you had your name tattooed on your bottom. Then, offer to moon the offending jerk.

Laura said...

My boyfriend could tell youz apart from the beginning! That's my evidence to people that you guys look different. They'll always be like well of course you can tell them apart because they're your sisters.

Missy May said...

I think it's stupid when people try to play that guessing game. I know how you feel, my YOUNGER sister an I are not twins and we don't even have the same color hair, but people INSIST on saying we look like twins!

It's just a little rude

Vanessa said...

Well, you must admit that you guys had the same exact hair in high school. (until Tina chopped it off) But even then, I could tell you guys apart :o)

Tara said...

Sarah P--That is a sure fire way to make them go away!


Missy May--That is annoying esp. because you guys aren't even twins. And you aren't even the same age!

Vanessa--Our hair was always sort of different. Like different lengths. Hehe.