Monday, February 1, 2010

I Should Be a Freakin' Hand Model

Aren't my nails pureetttyy? Aren't my wedding rings blingin'?

I should be a hand model. Don't you agree??

I do exclusively french tip on my nails. Even when I was younger, I've always admired pretty manicured hands with french tip. I think it looks sophisticated. Don't you?

You may be surprised to know that my nails are real and that I did them myself. Yup, it's true. And no, I never worked at a nail salon or anything like that. I'm just very talented, ya know. ;)

You don't know how many times I find out that someone thinks my nails are fake. What? Really??

Well, I guess I am lucky. I have good nails. I get it from my mom.

I do have to admit something though. I'm surprised how nice my hands look in the pictures from my blackberry. You can't tell that they are dry as heck. Haha. I basically have crocodile skin. Oh, well, at least my nails are pretty.


Missy May said...

I was shocked when I read that your nails were real! They are so pretty, those are honestly the best French nails I have ever seen! Good job!
-Missy May

Tara said...

Haha! You aren't the only one who thought they were fake. Thanks for the compliment. You're so nice.

Laura said...

I should be the hand model then since we have the same long nails andandand my hands are never dry!

Sike, I have no time for that. These hands were made for bigger and better things. These hands are gold.

Tara said...

Laura, I am the better hand model because, unlike you, I don't have paint, charcoal or crap under my nails at all times. Haha.

Chelle said...

Totally jealous over here! Your nails are gorgeous.