Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kreativ Award

We would like to thank Miss Mayhem and Malou for the Kreativ Blogger Award! We will now list 7 facts about the 3 Sisters that our readers do not know:

1. The 3 Sisters have inside jokes dating back to the stone age.

2. Tara has an unhealthy obsession with making sweet kettle corn and Simon Pegg.

3. Tina has an unhealthy obsession with Edward Cullen and the game Mastermind.

4. Laura has an unhealthy obsession with scarves and all things Spiderman.

5. The 3 Sisters are twi-hards but will never admit it unless forced with a gun or some other lethal device.

6. The 3 Sisters are sometimes able to communicate with each other with just a look.

7. When the 3 Sisters get together, they tend to giggle incessantly about silly, immature things like young school girls.


malou said...

I love Mastermind!
And you're all very welcome. :)
Love, Malou.

Tina said...

Hey, how come I didn't know about your Sean Penn obsession. How about you and Laura's obsession with obsessions? You both always have to INDULGE in your latest obsession until you guys are sick of it.

Tara said...

Sean Penn?? Do you mean someone else? Because I do not like Sean Penn. Do you mean Simon Pegg? In that case, I am obsessed with him.

Tara said...

Also, I have to admit that, Laura, you're kinda out of date with my obsessions. My new obsessions are Joseph Levitt-Gordon and making monkey munch. Haha.

Missy May said...

Your welcome!
My sisters and I giggle about silly things too! Especially after we eat something, weird.

Laura said...

Lol I was like hm what's his name?.. Sean Penn. Then I just thought it was right. Wooooops.

Isn't it Joseph Gordon-Levitt?